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Monday, October 25, 2010

TV acad to expand new media membership

The TV Academy is opening its doors to more interactive media members.

Org will add marketing, business execs to peer group.

The org's interactive media peer group announced Monday that it would expand its eligibility requirements, allowing business development, marketing and advertising pros in the world of new media to join.

"Our industry is constantly evolving and so is our peer group," said Lori Schwartz, interactive media peer group co-governor.

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It's War over Google TV

Google TV requires a high-end Sony TV, Blu-ray player or special set-top box.
The prevailing winds in the network and cable programming world are buffeting the latest effort to marry off TV and the Web once and for all.

Google let it be known last week that ABC, CBS and NBC are blocking online viewing of their shows via the fledgling Google TV platform. The nets, in response, made it clear that they expect to be compensated for the privilege of allowing Google TV users easy online access to the programs that each net makes available through its own website, Hulu or another Internet distrib. The nets' themselves can be accessed via Google TV, just not the content on their proprietary websites.

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Kiwis in pro-'Hobbit' protest


By Paul Chai, VarietyUse links for stories in VarietyWarner Bros. execs landed in New Zealand on Monday to be greeted by thousands of people hitting the streets in an effort to keep "The Hobbit" in the country.

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