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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ad Urging Latinos Not to Vote Angers Democrats

The following is from CBS News with insert of the actual ad (to run in both Spanish and English on stations including nationally on Univision and Telemundo).

Updated 5:41 p.m. Eastern Time
The Nevada Democratic Party is lashing out at a conservative Hispanic group over an ad the group is launching that urges Latinos -- a critical Democratic voting bloc in the state -- to stay home on Election Day.
The group Latinos for Reform is launching a 60-second ad today in Nevada. The spot urges Latinos to abstain from voting in order to punish Democrats for failing to deliver on immigration reform.
"Don't vote this November. This is the only way to send them a clear message," a narrator says in the ad. "You can no longer take us for granted."
The ad will air in Spanish on Univisionaccording to Politico. (An English-language version is posted above.) It features, among other Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is in a tight and nasty Nevada Senate race against conservative Republican Sharron Angle. 

Editors Note: Immigration Reform, which is co-sponsored by key Republicans, has been blocked by Republican legislators and some Democrats in areas with strong conservative voting communities. The "just say no" Republican blockade wanted to see immigration reform derailed to rally Tea Party votes and to keep minorities from coming out for Democrats as they did in 2008 for Obama. - Art Lynch

Voting can be scary

Has cable news become The Munsters?

"Prime time on cable news is like "The Munsters" Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News told NPR'scomic look at the news program "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me." 

He went on to add that there is something wrong about a society where you can pick a news source and know that when you wake up in the morning you will agree with them. Diversity of opinion, challenging yourself with other views seems to be on its way out.

Do not trust one source of news, or even two, but read, investigate and seek out opposing views. Only then can you be an informed consumer, an informed citizen and an informed voter.

Don't let those who peddle hate and tell you not to vote win! Do your homework and vote as if your future depends on it. It may.

Photo by JUSTIN M. BOWEN, Las Vegas Sun
Early voters fill the Galleria at Sunset mall voting station Saturday, the first day of early voting. Whether Hispanic voters turn out to vote in large numbers could be pivotal in the race between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican challenger Sharron Angle.

Will ad campaign urging Hispanic voters to stay home work?

In wake of Angle’s anti-illegal-immigration ad, a new conservative campaign urges Hispanics not to vote

Sharron Angle TV Ad: "Best Friend"

This ad has been proven to be misleading, using photos of workers that were actually taken in Mexico and misrepresenting Reid's votes on the fence and other immigration issues. It was pulled because images were not properly licenced and permissions were not given to the Angle campaign or any other organisation to use the "endorsement" photos and video.

The Las Vegas Sun investigated efforts by organizations that back Republicans and/or Sharon Angle to discourage Hispanic and minority citizens from voting in this fall's election. The theory is if that if they can block the Hispanic vote they can guarantee victories in the Senate,  3rd Senate District and Governors races.  For the full story see this morning's Las Vegas Sun or click here for the Internet Version (the graphics in the print edition are worth seeing).

Sharron Angle ad accuses Harry Reid of lavish lifestyle

Republican senate candidate Sharron Angle is out with another ad attempting to paint Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as wealthy and out of touch.

Since last week’s debate, the Angle campaign has been accusing Reid of using his elected position to get rich.

Angle’s latest ad juxtaposes Reid’s lifestyle with the typical Nevadan suffering under the economy.

“While you worry about making your next mortgage payment, guess who lives in this spectacular Washington Ritz Carlton,” the ad says. “Thanks to Harry Reid, there’s someone doing just fine.”

Angle launched the attack during the debate, eliciting from Reid the response that he’s been “living on a fixed income.” Republicans have been mocking the line.

Though Reid does make a handsome salary, $193,400 because of his leadership position, he’s far from the richest member of the Senate. According to Center for Responsive Politics, Reid ranks 32nd in personal wealth, with a net worth between $2.9 million and $6.4 million.

Clearly, however, Angle’s campaign would like voters to focus more on his millions than on Reid’s hardscrabble upbringing in Searchlight.

That biography was emphasized recently in a lengthy ad by a VoteVets.Org that describes Reid as determined enough to walk and hitchhike 46 miles to the nearest high school when he was a teenager.

“We think Nevada needs him and that determination,” the ad concludes. Ad - Highway - Nevada

Animosity Toward Press Flares Up On Campaign Trail

Las Vegas's Ralston on NPR concerning
lack of communication with Sharon Angle

Politicians' apprehension of the press has hardened into outright hostility in some cases.

The price of this is that local reporters fail to get answers on local or key state issues, while candidates can stick to national talking points and frequent visits to FOX NEWS, which despite its lack of news credibility, is leading the pack on screaming how all other media are not reporting the "truth."

A number of candidates in both parties have kept their distance from journalists covering them, withholding their public schedules and refusing to answer reporters' questions. But in two recent episodes, Republican candidates thousands of miles apart took their animosity to extremes.

Click here for full audio story from All Things Considered and NPR News.

For a pdf on how to view and use the media, and why you have to use multiple media to come close to any truth, e-mail me at The "truth" is that media does its best but the overwhelming amount of information out there, the complexity of inter-relationships, and lack of access greatly limits anyone ability to claim to know the "truth"

For Jon Ralston's Facebook links, click here.
For links to Jon Ralston and "Face to Face" click "read more" below:


Boy is Jounny Scheffield who played Tarzan's son, and later Bomba the Jungle Boy, passed away at 79,

Born in 1931, the once beloved child star began his career in 1938 at the age of 7, after he was cast in the child lead in a Broadway play.
Sheffield auditioned for the role of 'Boy' in 1939, just one year after his Broadway debut, after his father saw an ad in the Hollywood Reporter paper asking, "Have you a Tarzan Jr. in your backyard?"

Johnny and his brother, Billy Sheffield, were both in Knute Rockne All American (1940), playing Knute Rockne at different ages.

Truth in Advertising, gone forever? At least in politics!

For months the Republican candidate for governor Sandoval campaign has been dismissing Democrat Rory Reid's calls for substantive policy proposals as “desperation”. But now, with the polls tightening just as voting begins, it is their desperation that is showing through.

Sandoval is now airing an ad questioning Rory’s work ethic, claiming that he missed a lot of votes as Chair of the Clark County Commission.

But the truth is, Rory has a 97% voting record on the more than 4,000 measures that have come before the commission over the last 2 years.

Last night, Jon Ralston lashed out at the ad, calling it "ludicrous" and giving it "an emphatic F."

Meanwhile, Las Vegas Weekly named Rory Reid a top public servant in 2010 saying, “No one can doubt Reid’s work ethic.”

- from campaign materials distributed by Reid for Governor.

Dr Who as a fashion influence and a "local" production.

Doctor Who wears tweed

Dr Who will lens for the firs time in Utah later this fall, with a two hour special set in that state. The production is union, but it is not known if it will work through Salt Lake City, Las Vegas or Los Angeles for casting.

TV Dad, unionist and gifted Actor Tom Bosley is gone

Tom Bosley
Bosley is also know for his roles on Love American Style,  Murder, She Wrote, and The Father Dowling Mysteries
Bosley’s death comes less than a week after the passing of Barbara Billingsley, who played iconic TV mother June Cleaver on “Leave It To Beaver.”
Born in Chicago, Bosley joined the U.S. Navy in 1945 at the age of 17 and enrolled at DePaul University in a pre-law program. He quickly switched to acting, however, and performed in stock theater in Illinois after college.
Bosley first found fame playing New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia in the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical “Fiorello!” (1959) and starred in a number of film and television roles before being cast as Ron Howard’s folksy father Howard Cunningham on “Happy Days,” which aired from 1974 to 1984.
TV Guide ranked Bosley/Mr. Cunningham number 9 on their list of “Top TV Dads of All Time.”

Is Racism a Factor?

While we would all like to be color blind, the reality is that President Obama is the first African American (or African and American in his case) to hold the nation's highest office. It is an achievement for a portion of our population as large as or perhaps larger than another young president, John F. Kennedy overcoming strong prejudice against both Catholics and the Irish nearly a half century earlier.

The issue being discussed in the media, social meetings, across kitchen tables in in living rooms across the nation more than most of us would like to admit. This past weekends mostly caucasian faces at the FOX encourged "tea party" rally in Washington DC has raised the issue of how much of an issue any racial divide in our country may be for the still new president (not yet 8 months in office) and how his programs are being received.

Corporate America and those who do not want to see change in this country will line up with powerful dollars and even more powerful PR might to undermine a man they see as a threat because he is young, not traditional and willing to change in preparation for changes ahead in this 21st century.

He will be attacked and the congress his party shephards will be blocked in every way possible from acomplishing much of anything.

Obama will be uses as a dirty word in the 2010 election cycle.

How much of this is race as a threat?

This link is to a story on NPR this morning (this post is repeated from Fall, 2009);

Another aspect of the race issue lie in the open hatred in posters, slogans and e-mail exhanges about the new president equating him with Hitler, Stalin, referring to President Obama by his race and the rise of the "tree of liberty" slogan and movement.

The assuming that an African-American president would be more likely to support extend government supported services to illegal immigrants is also obvious in the rhetoric (including visual rhetoric) of those protesting.

How has this impacted votes in the actual Congress, the nature of the Town Hall Meetings, the bias in reporting of both and the overall perception of Obama as president?

Or, do you feel that this is a dated fear and no longer an issue in the United States?

Could it vary by geography? By age? By income level?

First posted 9-1-2009


Someone fired shots at the Pentagon this morning and caused minor damage. Bullets lodged in bullet proof windows. No one was hurt.The incident occured just after 11 Eastern (8AM Pacific)

50 years of economic war with Cuba. They started it.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the United States embargo on Cuba, still officially in place.

The United States embargo against Cuba (described in Cuba as el bloqueoSpanish for "the blockade") is a commercial, economic, and financial embargo partially imposed on Cuba in October 1960. It was enacted after Cuba nationalized the properties of United States citizens and corporations and it was strengthened to a near-total embargo since February 7, 1962.

Photo: Fidel Castro explains his countries nationalization of US held properties to the United Nations in 1960.