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Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them."
~~John Updike

Disney Cancels Pirates video game, may phase out tentpole Pirates' franchise

Even as Disney lenses the fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean" feature in Hawaii, the Mouse House has pulled the plug on a high-profile videogame version of the franchise in Vancouver.

Disney Interactive Studios said Thursday it has canceled "Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned," which Disney-owned Propaganda Games had been readying for release next year.

Propaganda is also behind the studio's upcoming "Tron: Evolution" game, which will still launch Dec. 7, before the bow of the "Tron: Legacy" pic Dec. 17. The company will continue to produce downloadable components for the game after its release.

Because of the move, Disney said Propaganda was being restructured, and one of the company's two development teams would be eliminated, resulting in an undisclosed number of layoffs. Some reports put it at about 100 staffers.

For now, Propaganda will focus on the "Tron" game.

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Mom is Gone, remembering Barbara Billingsley

Beaver's Mom is Gone

Barbara Billingsley (December 22, 1915 – October 16, 2010]) was an American film, television, voice and character actress of stage, who in her five decades of television came to prominence in the 1950s on the big screen in The Careless Years opposite Natalie Trundy, followed by her best-known role, that of June Cleaver onLeave it to Beaver and its sequel Still the Beaver (also known as The New Leave It to Beaver). -Wikipedia

From IMDB: Born:

 Barbara Lillian Combes
December 221915 in Los Angeles, California, USA

The iconic Eisenhower-Kennnedy-era mom has passed away at her home in Santa Monica. Billingsley brought the sort of even-handed and loving approach in her character, that every kid wished they had at home. For true film trivia fans, her other roles include an uncredited one in the 1953 McCarthy Era Science Fiction kitch classic "Invasion from Mars" as Kelson's secretary. Of course she is also the woman on "Airplane" that said "I speak Jive' and translated in that classic comedy film!

Click here to hear NPR's remembrance from the "Beav" himself...

French Legion of Honor conferred on Robert Redford

American icons will always have Paris. Following in Clint Eastwood's footsteps last year, Robert Redford was feted in the French capital, receiving Gaul's most prestigious prize, the Legion of Honor, at a fancy and intimate ceremony Oct. 14 at the Elysee Palace hosted by President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Sarkozy's fulsome compliments overwhelmed Redford, who said he was still trying to "digest" all the praise. He added that the French honor had a special meaning to him.

"I came to Paris in 1957 after I dropped out of college to search for a different kind of education, to find a way to express myself in a different way. I had just enough to make ends meet and I didn't know the language but I had the chance to meet and become friend with some arts students who were so active and involved in their country's politics," said Redford, upon accepting the Legion of Honor.

"In many different ways, that's where I really got an education."

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National and International Interests Buying Local Elections

The new political norm: Nothing is local.

Platforms constructed by national consultants using slogans and soundbites penned by even larger "non-political" tax-exempt shadow organizations years in advance, interviewing and fundraising through FOX News (the fundraising part goes against every strain of journalism's core beliefs), avoiding local reporters and dodging questions on local issues, appealing to hatred and anger instead of logic or civil responsibility, and being the loudest in a crowd now wins elections.

Sharon Angle's Victory committee raised only $121,000 within the state guidelines. All other funds are raised inside or beyond Federal election guidelines. No disclosure on who is spending the money or on what.

Reid's funds were within state and Federal guidelines, meaning open disclosure of donors, how money is spent and for the most part coming form within Nevada.

Sharon Angle and Harry Reid have the same amount of campaign money to be spent after this week, about four million dollars each, yet in the three weeks running up to the actual General Election Reid and Reid supporters are expected to spend up to ten million dollars to "earn" your votes. Angle the same. However when you include Angle supporters, most of which are out of state organizations with kind and positive sounding names (which do not have to disclose whose money they are spending or what country they came from) Angle will outspend Reid six to one in the last three weeks of the campaign alone.

This would be the most expensive race in US Congressional history, if it were not for three others that are exceeding it this election year in Florida, California and tiny Delaware.

And some of those funds are going to directly influencing what national "commentators" say. Beltway lobbyist firms hired by corporate interests based multi-nationals have been feeding copy lines and interpretations, blue prints and other sources of information that then turn up in a pundits interpretation of the "race" here in Nevada (which they often mispronounce).

The Center for Responsive Politics, a big business bias Republican group, will spend $8.8 million leading up to the election to help Sharon Angle unseat Senate Majority leader Reid. That money is from out of state.

American Crossroads, and Crossroads Policy Strategies were organized by George W Bush Republican strategist Karl Rove, will be adding another $1.5 million in the weeks ahead to "unseat Reid." Another out of state interests dictating and directly influencing Nevada voters.

By Contrast, the Patriot Majority PAC, which does disclose its sources, has spent under $831,000 over the total campaign supporting Reid. The big dollars are not there, as a huge wave of out of state, corporate and funds controlled by the top one half of one percent of Americans, plus international business interests have lined up to turn the Congress Republican and unseat the Democrats majority leader.

None of it has to do with Reid's record for Nevada.

His record hast he largest number of Republican leaders lining up behind Democrat Reid in the state's history. because they know that Reid is good for Nevada and that it is international and national special interests groups that have bought such a large potential vote to replace him with a weak, at best junior member of congress should Angle win.

On Media Bias

The Review-Journal, a newspaper owned by the same parent company asCityLife. The venomous anti-Reid bile that bubbles up on its opinion pages long ago leached into the news columns, which are routinely antagonistic toward Reid and sympathetic toward Angle. To be sure, the newspaper's endorsement of Angle required the Review-Journalto put its usually principled libertarianism in a drawer. In the end, the Review-Journal's only real principle seems to be "get Reid."

From the City Life endorsement of Harry Reid for Senate, despite City Life being owned by the same parent company, Stephens Media (Don Rey) as the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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