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Friday, October 15, 2010

Voters Guide

One Nevada Voter Guide with links and verifications:

Buying the Election continued

Groups funding Republican candidates, most of whom do not disclosure from whom or where they get their money, are outspending Democrats nine to one. 
- The slogans in every race are identical, as are the charges and use of worlds like "stimulus" as negatives (check out the dictionary) and putting the unsubstantiated claim "failed" before that word. "Americans demand" and "We the people" were coined for this election in advance and supported by massive money from organizations that do not disclose their funding and with very, very deep pockets (many times than unions and all Democratic Party rank and file supporters combined). This is an election of lies made truth through repetition, cookie cutter speeches and big money backing.

Climbing Forward: by Art Lynch

Who is paying for Republican and Tea Party Candiates

The ads ...attacked candidates of both parties, but the ones attacking Republicans were all from Democratic candidates or party committees, groups that have to disclose their donors.Not one ad from the supposedly nonpolitical groups [with no disclosure requirements] attacked a Republican. 

International money is being filtered without any disclosure through these organizations, while Democrats are keeping this an American Election free of overtly foreign funds.

Click here for additional information on this quote.

Liberal Harry Reid! Another lie...

Reid is, and has always been, a conservative western Democrat.

-City Life

He is Mormon

He is a moderate

He believes in compromise to achieve greater good

Liberace's spotlight fades this Sunday

Liberace was a classically trained pianist, but he wanted to please the masses. He said he played classical without the boring parts. - NPR report

The Liberace museum closes this SUNDAY.

See it while you can.

Before Lady Gaga, before Elton John, there was Liberace. People of a certain age will remember the candelabra on his piano, the flamboyant costumes, even the self-deprecating humor in his distinctive voice.
"My clothes may look funny but they're making me the money," he once said.
At one point, thanks to Las Vegas, Liberace was the highest-paid entertainer in the world. That's where he created the museum that bears his name. It was one of the most-visited attractions in Vegas, but so few people come nowadays that the Liberace Museum is closing Sunday.
Maybe this is just one more story about how Vegas is constantly changing, but maybe not. After all, Sinatra is still Sinatra. Elvis still has impersonators performing here. So what happened to Liberace?
After Sunday, the pianos and the other artifacts at the museum will go into storage, and Liberace's fame will fade a little further.

Largest number of undecided House seats in history

96 seats are now "swing" seats in the upcoming Congressional election, the largest in history to be teetering  between parties.

The increase seats includes Republicans who thought their seats were "safe" as well as moderate Democrats. All Democrats are being labeled as "liberal" by a nationalized nationalized nationalized campaign, and highly financed interest groups banking on a more pliable swing toward conservative more profit friendly Washington.

Among those is Nevada's 3rd Congressional District, representing "rural" Clark Country from Mesquite to Boulder City, from Laughlin to Searchlight. The district also includes Lake Las Vegas and other portions of Henderson as well as some areas in Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. Dina Titus is a one term Democrat being challenged by Republican Joe Heck. She is only the second person to hold the seat since it was created. The first was a Republican.