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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bought and Paid for Elections, and Early Voting

Sharon Angle made an additional one point three million dollar media buy for next week, the first week of early voting. Out of state organizations placed over a twelve million dollar additional media buy attacking Harry Reid for this next week alone. Angle's fundraising was national, with 90% of the funds placed for next week coming into her campaign from out of state interests.

Angle agreed to only one of five debates requested by the Reid Camp. It was this evening and was one hour along with very short "sound bite" length answers mandated by her campaign as a condition for the debate.

She allows national media almost unlimited access to her campaign, while local media that know the local and state issues are consistently ignored or put off.

Angle benefits form her husbands government pension, insurance and status, yet she is against government involvement in the very things she uses and takes advantage of.

She has reversed her views, more than once,

Former Ronald Regan national campaign consultant and US Ambassador to Iceland under Regan is head of "Republicans for Reid", a group that includes many Republican luminaries who know what Reid, a Democrat, has done for the state and is doing to it today. They include former governors, first ladies, the current First Lady, Republican legislators and many in-state business leaders. He points out that Angle, who now calls herself a Reagan supporter, actually quit the Republican party and formed an alternative party in Nevada in reaction of Reagan policies.

So, who is selling Nevadans how to vote and putting the words 'Nevadans are against.." into our mouths?

Out of state money, special interests and politicians.

Can you afford to let Nevada lose its powerful position in Congress? All because outsiders are paying for you to give it up through advertising and false promises?

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