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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Listen, look and dont take what other say as "truth"...then back your beliefs with research

I am a Democrat and a strong supporter of health care. I have a preexisting condition that the reform will keep me safe from losing insurance in the future and family members who faced rejection or limits prior to the health care reform. 

That said the above is an call, not to support Obama, but to get active in whatever your beliefs are, to research, read, lean and them both work for candidates and to vote. 

Do not vote if you have not looked beyond the slogans and half truths or lies on both sides on TV or in your friends and neighbors talking. Do your research, decide and become active in the Democratic process that is our representational Republic.

On health care: Too much information but very little honest explanations(on both sides) and people getting angry but not bothering to understand others or find out the facts (such as the insurance industry lobbied for the "must carry" and "delays" built into health care, and Republicans plus a few Democrats caved to the things that will make the plan more expensive in the short run, plus give lawyers and not doctors the advantage in the short run. Over time it saves individuals and the budget large amounts of money...but over time when people are in a recession "now" mind set. You can't win and you can lose, apparently, for giving it an honest and well meaning try.

Titanic Halloween Tours hiring (costumed)

Titanic: Artifact Exhibition is Hiring Actors for Halloween Tours.

We provide costumes.

College Students welcome.

Pay is $8.25 per hour

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Please send me past work experience or resume 

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Abe Lincoln: Vampire Killer

Tim Burton to produce  Over the weekend, the studio won a bloody bidding war for the bigscreen adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's fantasy-actioner "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," which Timur Bekmambetov will direct from an adapted script by Grahame-Smith

In Grahame-Smith's book, published in March by Grand Central Publishing, the driving force behind Lincoln's political life and battle to end slavery is his quest to kill vampires, who feed off slaves. 

Abe Lincoln and the spectre of Dracula

There is a reason Lincoln was so good with an Ax.

Just for fun, check out the Time Magazine blog "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer." Be sure to use all of the links and have fun in the process. Let your mind and your creative juices go wild!

I am from Illinois, so I was raised with everything Lincoln, and, yes, the thought did cross my mind a few times in idle thought.

Exercise your right to vote, campaign and give, use your right to show your political views...

Friend --

I've always said that 2008 was an amazing journey. But nothing from that election struck me more than seeing so many giving their time and lending their voices because they were ready for change.

Two years ago, in state after state -- no matter where I went -- I saw grandmothers out canvassing, college kids traveling to swing states and sleeping on gymnasium floors, and people using their lunch breaks to make a few more calls. So many got involved for the very first time, each one bringing others along with them.

It was inspiring to witness.

Now, Barack and I need you to help show that energy again. Because this is such a critical moment.

Across the country, teachers and firefighters, truckers and nurses have made pledges of support hoping to inspire you to take the next step.

You're the reason we reformed a health care system that was broken, progress that means so much to so many. You're the reason we reined in Wall Street banks that were out of control.

But Barack can't keep making progress without strong allies in Congress. And now the same people who've opposed us at every turn are targeting the folks who voted to make change real. They think we can't do it again.

But they're wrong.

If the folks who I saw in 2008 -- those of you who packed up your bags and slept on floors and made calls and talked to voters day after day -- are ready to stand with us again, then I'm ready for any challenge that lies ahead.

That's why we're asking you to help grow this movement once again.

The plan for this election is based on the lessons we learned two years ago. Our organizers and volunteers are knocking on doors every weekend, making calls every night. Your support will help to fund this work.

Thank you,

Michelle Obama

Editor Note: This is an call, not to support Obama, but to get active in whatever your beliefs are, to research, read, lean and them both work for candidates and to vote. Obviously Michelle wants you to support her husband and his policies and programs, but the message goes much deeper.

Republicans “have lost their principles” says Sharon Angle

Republican candidate Sharron Angle privately took aim at the GOP establishment and expressed doubt over her ability to win Nevada's Senate race last week in a closed-door meeting, Jon Ralston at the Las Vegas Sun reports.
During a discussion with the other conservative Senate candidate Jon Scott Ashjian -- who will appear on the Nevada's ballot with the affiliation"Tea Party" next to his name -- and Tea Party of Nevada Chairman Sid James, Angle criticized the integrity of Republicans and establishment efforts to direct the trajectory of her campaign.