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Monday, October 4, 2010

Campaign for a Charleston Heston Stamp

hr/photos/stylus/153873-heston_charlton_341.jpgFrom the Hollywood Reporter:

If it's good enough for Gary Cooper 
and Bette Davis,
then why not Charlton Heston?

We're talking postage stamps, 
and the former publicist for Heston 
thinks it's high time the 
U.S. Postal Service 
created one with the image of this 
"icon of epic proportions."

Heston, though, wasn't only an 
iconic actor famous for his epic roles as Moses and Judah Ben Hur, he was 
also a polarizing figure -- especially in Hollywood -- for his embrace of 
conservative politics and the NRA, an organization he headed for a 
few years prior to his death in 2008.

There are, of course, dozens of actors whose mugs adorn postage stamps, 
including some who have had their own brushes with political controversy. 
Charlie Chaplin, for example, who gave up U.S. residence when the
 FBI suspected of him of being a Communist. John Wayne, 
a staunch Republican and defender of the Vietnam War, also has a stamp.

Other celebrities deemed stamp-worthy include Groucho Marx, Tom Mix, 
Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Stewart. Heck, even Bart Simpson and Bugs Bunny. 
Plus, there's a whole line of stamps featuring images from TV shows like 
"I Love Lucy," "Dragnet," "The Honeymooners" and "The Twilight Zone."

Heston's former publicist, Michael Levine, started his petition Monday 
in honor of Heston's birthday. He would have been 87 years old.

"The petition will raise awareness nationally 
to convince the Citizen Stamp Advisory Commission 
that Heston deserves to be placed on a postage stamp," Levine said.

Heston won a best actor Oscar for 1959's "Ben Hur," 
and the Academy awarded him the Jean Hersholt 
Humanitarian Award in 1978. He was a six-time 
president of the Screen Actors Guild 
and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

"If Hollywood had a Mount Rushmore, 
his face would be on it," said Levine. "
A postage stamp would be the next best thing."

Click on photo above for link to videos and the Star Wars 3D home page.

The Biz, my take on KCRW's weekly program

'Lone Star' and 'The Beaver:' Kyle Killen's Wild Ride

As for the banton part of the program, here is my take..

A difference between theater (most theater) and Hollywood, is that Hollywood is about glamour, used to make money. Theatre is usually done for the art.

"Secretariat" opens Friday and is being embraced by the new top brass at Disney as the type of film Disney should make. Disney purchased and distributed the Christian message film. Left out is the divorce of the owner from her husband after the win, and other harder edge realities of the real true story.

Click "read more" below to continue with "Hollywood: The Biz notes".  Click on image at top for short on the "stereo conversion" of "Star Wars."

Your thoughts on education sought

This is National Education Week

Posts on Eduction are appreciated.

The choice is education

After class a student asked me the differences between the parties.

Sandoval for Governor, Angle for Senate, Heck for Congress all say they would cut Education spending to various degrees, and favor private more expensive and exclusive (read expensive or elite) as America's future. They are all Republicans, although Angle tends to the Tea Party cut all spending and damn the consequences extreme.

Education is an example of the difference between the parties.

Those who depend on public education will get what those with the money choose to give them...less and less as the "cut taxes" or "no new taxes" Republican factions grow, and the very people negatively impacted being talked into voting to cut their own throats by slogans and the assumption that those begging fort their vote are like them (assimilation or assuming someones views and experience are closer to your own then they actually are). An economic truth is that when you cut education you cut earning power and skills, thus reducing income and future tax income, driving even deeper future cuts to compensate for the lost revenue. Its a spiral that cannot easily be reversed or undone.

After explaining it really reflects personal beliefs which you vote for, I added that Republicans are top-down governed, tend to vote pro-business, tend to vote to not fund programs that benefit individuals, such as the common man. Democrats come from a big tend of highly different groups and govern from the bottom up, with no real tight controlling leadership groups. Democrats fun education, roads, hospitals, social services and programs that help the grass root Americans they represent.

If we go back to 2008 spending levels, we will see an additional 28% cut in spending on education.

Higher Ed has been cut every year for the past three years, sometimes twice. With increased students and demands for programs, we are operating at over one third fewer dollars than January 2008, with full timers cut to part time, support staff forced to take a day off without pay each month and many quality tenured experienced faculty either leaving on their own or bought out to save the bottom line.

I cannot speak for K-12, but there are plenty of sources on teachers spending more out of their own pockets, having larger classrooms, programs cut, textbook shortages and so on.

The toughest campaign ad of this election

Women have a preexisting condition. They can become pregnant. They are more likely to have certain major medical problems that may be considered "pre-existing conditions" for insurance, limiting coverage (if it were not for Obamacare's protections).

Women still face a glass ceiling put there by Republican men. The truth is that the "young guns" of the Republican party are 90% male and that most of the financing for candidates have gone to men. 

Rape victims should not get medical help.

A friend of mine voiced the ad and wrote this:

Rachel Maddow calls this campaign spot, which I VO'd, "The toughest, most pointed campaign spot in this election."  It's for a Nevada senate race, positioned against a right-wing extremist named Sharon Angle, whom Keith Olberman calls "one of the worst people in the world."  

It can be found on Maddow's show, here:

Maddow interviews the spot's creator (whom I hear in my headphones when he listens in on my recording sessions) about the spot, and he calls it the most effective one of the campaign.  Sometimes you do get to speak up for the good guys (who vary of course, according to one's lights), and I'm darn proud to have done so in this case... because my lights certainly lead me to the conclusion I espouse on the spot.

A nice day for a VO girl!

Mary McDonald Lewis

The way we see the world

17 counties have warnings or bans on travel to France along with some extending to other countries. Yet in the US we act, in our news media, that the US is one to react to real terrorist threats.

Americans are individualistic, "me" centered and very ethnocentric.

Is it safe to assume that far more English, Germans, Italians, Spaniards and other Europeans travel to France than Americans?

Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis and others bid farewell to Henderson resident Tony Curtis

From today's Las Vegas Review Journal e-brief.

Celebrities, fans, friends and family members crammed into a Las Vegas funeral chapel Monday to say goodbye to Tony Curtis and celebrate the movie star's life.

The crowd laughed as an animated Curtis appeared in a scene from the television series "The Flintstones" and sparred with actor Kirk Douglas in "Spartacus."

Jamie Lee Curtis, Curtis' daughter from his first marriage with "Psycho" actress Janet Leigh, teared up as she described a man who was, she said, "a little mashugana," using the Yiddish word for crazy, but always full of life.

"All of us got something from him. I, of course, got his desperate need for attention," she joked.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recalled Tony Curtis as a generous mentor who encouraged his budding Hollywood career when others told him his foreign accent and name were too much of a hurdle.
"'You are going to make it,' " Schwarzenegger recalled Tony Curtis telling him. "Don't pay any attention to those guys. I heard the same thing when I came here."

The above is from the Las Vegas Review Journal, for full coverage and other local news please click here (subscription to the Las Vegas Review Journal is recommended).

Reid faces tough fight as he heads home to campaign

To read the full CNN Story and view videos click here.

Henderson, Nevada (CNN)
-- It's one of the most closely watched Senate races in the country -- and for good reason. Majority Leader Harry Reid stands to lose his job representing Nevada -- one he's held since 1987 -- to Republican Sharron Angle, a Tea Party favorite.

It's a race too close to call. That's why Reid will have his work cut out for him when he returns to his home state Tuesday for some good old-fashioned campaigning.

A CNN/Time/Opinion Research Corp. poll released September 15 finds the race between Reid and Angle to be statistically deadlocked, with 42 percent of likely voters supporting Angle and 41 percent backing Reid.

"This election is very important to me," said Alfred Noble of Henderson, Nevada, a Las Vegas suburb. "I think Harry Reid is out of touch, and I think Sharron Angle is a little extreme, so I'm still up in the air about what to do."

Henderson is in Nevada's 3rd Congressional District, a swing district where "everything's going to come together," according to David Damore, a University of Nevada, Las Vegas, political science professor.

Video: Momentum swings back to Dems?

Video: Reid calls Angle's views extreme

Video: Angle challenges Reid

It seems even those in Henderson who support Reid haven't been 100 percent satisfied with his governing, but they said he's the lesser of two evils.

"I think he does need to focus a little more back on the state," said Brian Manore, "but I think he's done well, and I do not think that Sharron Angle is the answer."

Mary Ann Brim said she feels there's a "terrible, terrible hatred" in the air for Reid, but she said she isn't sure why. She said those who vote for Angle purely because they don't like Reid should reconsider.

"We stand to lose, I think, some power for the state," Brim said. "[Some people are] so determined to dump Harry that they don't realize that the alternative is very scary."

Brim said her dislike of Angle stems from, among other things, comments the candidate has made surrounding the elimination of Social Security and other government programs.

"It's like everybody is on the edge of rage, and it's driving them to decisions that just don't make sense," she added.

But Tracy Romano said she appreciates Angle's desire to shrink the federal bureaucracy. She said the candidate seems "real" and believes Angle when she says she'll go to Washington and lower taxes.
Not surprisingly, her opinions of Reid play a factor as well.

"[He] hasn't been good for our taxes, hasn't been good for our home values, and he's just basically gone with [President] Obama and [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi on everything."

One thing that everyone seems to agree on though is that the economy is the most important issue come Election Day. Nevada is home to the highest unemployment rate in the nation (14.4 percent) and highest foreclosure rate.

Many associate the poor economy with the politicians in power and blame them for not fixing the problem. That view is Reid's biggest hurdle, and the Angle campaign's recent focus on immigration and health care -- as opposed to the economy -- is a bad move, according to Damore, the political science professor.

"Any day that [the Angle campaign] is not talking about the economy is a win for Harry Reid," Damore said.

Communication study on workplace performance

Communication: The Key to Performance

Sheila Embry and Richard Schuttler

According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the best way to improve employee and organizational performance is to improve supervisor communication.

The study examined the relationship between leadership communication and employee performance. The survey had participants choose responses based on the Supervisor Leadership and Communication Inventory (SLCI), which uses a traffic-light metaphor introduced by Richard Schuttler in his book Laws of Communication: The Intersection Where Leadership Meets Employee Performance. The metaphor categorizes organizations as red, yellow and green on a two-dimensional grid. The theoretical framework allows managers to identify critical concerns in red, elements needing to be watched in yellow and elements working well in green.

The majority of survey participants chose yellow responses for leadership and leader communication. Employees in the yellow zone are identified as floundering from lack of clear direction. There is a general feeling of “anything goes” that produces mediocre performances, internal competition and single-loop learning.

These actions are in response to misaligned objectives from inconsistent leadership. Survey participants believed their leaders were making either haphazard or overly quick responses, rather than proactive, strategic decisions. If supervisors increase their leadership and communication skills, they likely can increase employee and organizational performance.

The survey also revealed a gap between perceptions of leadership from field employees and headquarters employees, even though the same survey was made available to all employees. Approximately 80 percent of the participants were from the field, and approximately 20 percent were employees working at headquarters. The study revealed that field employees had consistently lower perceptions than headquarters employees.

Comments from the qualitative portion of the mixed-method study indicated that field employees did not believe their voices were being heard; they felt that their memos and requests for guidance went unanswered; and they wanted headquarters leadership to require proof from local leadership that headquarters communications were distributed to field employees because they believed they were not receiving important information from senior leadership. Some respondents believed local leadership held on to senior communication and distributed it on a “need to know” basis rather promoting transparency.

Still others felt there was a detrimental disconnect between local management and headquarters, stating they would “get in trouble with local management despite headquarters’ approval.” These findings are comparable to a study within another DHS agency whose participants stated that local leaders felt empowered to do what they wanted despite headquarters’ directives and policies.

Leaders should seriously consider this finding and reassess their strategy for communicating with local leadership and field employees.

An unexpected finding from this study was the comparison between participants who responded to the survey from an electronic invitation and those who picked up paper fliers distributed in employee cafeterias and break rooms. People who learned of the survey from paper fliers in break rooms and cafeterias rated their supervisors’ leadership and communication lower than those who responded to the survey from electronic invitations. Significant differences were found between the average communication score, the average leadership score and the average outcome score. There were no significant differences between the average employee performance score, however.

This research reaffirms findings from a 2007 study by the Partnership for Public Service and a 2008 study by the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board, which listed poor leadership and lack of effective communication as reasons for low employee engagement. The study also suggests that if leaders and supervisors work on moving their leadership and, more importantly, their communication out of the yellow zone and into the green zone, employee engagement could increase, leading to higher employee job satisfaction and performance, better organizational performance and decreased turnover
Sheila Embry, D.M., recently completed her doctoral dissertation on leader communication and its effect on employee and organizational performance. Richard Schuttler, Ph.D., is a consultant, public speaker and the author of Laws of Communication: The Intersection Where Leadership Meets Employee Performance. They can be reached at

CSN events and White House Community College Summit

What’s Happening at CSN
CSN Weekly Student E-Newsletter
CSN President Michael Richards will be taking part in the first White House Community College Summit on Tuesday Oct. 5. The summit will bring together community college administrators, faculty, and students, business and philanthropic leaders, as well as federal and state policy leaders. Summit participants were selected through a process of consulting many community college stakeholders. The opening session and closing session will be streamed LIVE. In addition, the White House is reaching out to Americans across the country to submit their thoughts, questions and challenges for discussion as part of the summit dialogue online. To learn more or to participate visit  
Veterans Education Center Dedication
Come celebrate the brand new veterans center at CSN on Oct. 28 – the day before Nevada Day – and celebrate our state’s men and women in uniform.

Good grief! "Peanuts" and the death of comics

Charlie Brown turns 60 today, but it's a gloomy reminder that no strip will ever be as beloved, or as important

Ranging on Angle comments pt I

Parents, health professionals, and advocates for Nevadans living with autism expressed their fury with Sharron Angle's cruel and insulting remarks on autism. They gathered in Las Vegas and Reno to reject her extreme and truly dangerous agenda.

If you haven't seen Angle's comments yet, please take a moment to watch. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius called Angle's remarks "a real blow to kids."

These comments are not taken out of context. In fact, at nearly the same time that adults with autism and parents of autistic children were calling on Angle to apologize, she was doubling-down on her offensive comments on right-wing radio. Angle is using Autism, and other issues, to raise national money on national FOX and conservative talk shows, rather then listen to her fellow women and to Nevadans.

Parents of autistic children have launched a Facebook page criticizing Angle's callous remarks and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network launched a petition calling on Angle to apologize for mocking autistic adults.

Nevadans living with autism are not "some politically correct special interest group" as Angle claims. They are our children, siblings and neighbors. They deserve better than mockery from someone seeking to represent them.

In her callous remarks, Angle also took aim at pregnant women, instead siding with insurance companies who she thinks should not have to provide coverage for maternity care. Sharron Angle extreme views are truly dangerous for Nevada. First mocking autistic Nevadans, then abandoning pregnant mothers - what's next?

57% of registered Democrats and over 70% of those who vote Democrat are women. There is a reason. High profile Republican Woman running against men are well financed by third party interests and avoid discussing women's issues for a reason. Angle even avoids any questions from local media or at non-Republican or Tea Party events.

Disclaimer: I have a close family member with autism, and my wife is a clinical social worker who is aware of autism research, causes and costs of care. Time cover is from this week (Oct 4 issue) and deals with pre-natal care and not autism, but is on a topic also of interests for women, and in an area where there would be sharp cuts if the candidate discussed below has her legislative way...Time coverage on autism may be linked by clicking here.

As always opposting rational supported views are welcome to post below.

Buying an Election Part II

I'm an independent. So why am I writing on behalf of Democrats?

Because we're only 28 days out, and polls show close races in at least 15 states. The GOP only needs to win 10 to take the majority. And their candidates are the most reactionary I've ever seen.

Yes, it's easy to get frustrated at the pace of progress in Washington, and I share the concerns of many progressives that the Democrats have not been as bold and aggressive as they should be.  But, if those of us who want to move our nation forward don't act immediately, winnable races will be lost.

If Democrats lose the Senate, everything we believe in - health care for all, full employment, transforming our energy system, preserving social security, a fair and progressive tax structure - will be set back. Nothing can justify sitting by and letting that happen.

Look, I've had my differences with Democrats in the past, but we set them aside to work together to move our country forward. That won't happen if Democrats lose the Senate. The obstruction we're seeing today will look like child's play. The Republican agenda - such as it is - is to stop at nothing to destroy President Obama and win back the White House in 2012.

They're getting powerful help. GOP-aligned groups including Karl Rove's American Crossroads plan to spend $400 million - a record-breaking amount - to elect Republicans. These shady groups funded by oil billionaires and secret donors are relentlessly attacking Democrats. Candidates who stand up to corporate influence risk their voices being drowned out.

In these last 28 days, it all comes down to funding for the education, outreach and extensive grassroots mobilization we need to win and to defend my Democratic friends like Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold and Patty Murray. It's what the DSCC does best, but it can't do it without your help.

Republicans are counting on us to sit on our hands, but this is no time to opt out. It's time to seize the moment, win in November and move this country forward. Thank you for your help.


Sen. Bernie Sanders

Tuesday 10 to 1 Career Fair CSN Henderson

Yes Virginia, there are acting classes in Boulder City

Boulder City
Patty Sullivan  

($40 for 4 classes a month, specials available)
(702) 400-3254 / 294-0335

Lessons by arrangement or

Ages 8 to 13 5:30 PM Thursdays

Teenagers and adults 7 PM  Thursdays

I have found out some secretary has been telling callers there is no class in Boulder City. I will be forming Thursday night classes, with no minimum students (private possible for low group price) on Thursday nights. Please contact Patty Sullivan (702-294-0335, 400-3254)  at BCP&R and also myself (702-454-1067).

I am teaching Friday evenings 5 to 8 PM (class usually goes longer) through Casting Call Entertainment, as well. Contact Casting Call at 702-369-0400.

Las Vegas.  
Sharry Flaherty  
Casting Call Entertainment.
(call for rates, $99 a month limited time offer)
Fridays 5 to 8 PM
Private and other course on requests

Volunteers needed, college credit possible

Help needed for fun film festival

An opportunity to meet filmmakers, learn more about the filmmaking process, lean the festival industry at a low pressure entry level, get your work known and have fun it he process.

Seeking interns interested in marketing, organization and execution of a film festival. The Dam Short Film Festival is seeking volunteers.

Contact the festival office at 702-447-4747 (you must dial the 702, don't ask me why).

Screeners needed to review films and evaluate them prior to decision on admission to festival.

Help catagorizing and filing films.

Help in publicy and dealing with the press.

Help keeping social networking sites updated and exciting.

Help in processing entries and pre-screening films.

Help with editing and production of promos, and presentation reels.

Help with graphic arts and displays.

Help updating industry listings.

Help with the festival screenings.

Help in the hospitality suites.

From data entry to meet and great, use the skills you have doing only what you choose to do.

Volunteers are needed now. The festival is the weekend prior to Valentines Day in Boulder City, based at Desie Arnaz  Jr.'s historic Boulder Theater and the equally historic Boulder City Hotel.