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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Star Wars' saga gets 3D makeover

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After more than five years of teasing, Lucasfilm disclosed today that work is under way on converting the "Star Wars" saga to 3D. All six pics will get theatrical re-release in stereoscopic starting with "Episode I: The Phantom Menace," which returns to theaters in 2012.

Exact release date has not been announced, but a Lucasfilm spokesperson said the pic will open wide and "as close to day and date (worldwide) as possible."

The prospect of six "Star Wars" pics released in 3D should stifle speculation that the format is a fading fad. It also promises to reintroduce the franchise to young auds who are used to 3D and only know 'Star Wars' from homevideo and the "Clone Wars" Cartoon Network skein.

20th Century Fox will once again distribute. Fox domestic distribution prexy Bruce Snyder called the series "perfectly suited" for 3D and said "I expect this to be as much fun for people that have not experienced 'Star Wars' as it was for people who were there in 1977 staring at the screen with mouth agape."

Spacing of the re-releases has not yet been determined, as that will depend on the pace of the conversion effort.
There are no plans yet for a homevideo release.

John Knoll, visual effects supervisor for Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic, is overseeing the conversion, which is being done by outside vendors with close oversight by ILM.

Knoll said Lucasfilm is committed to ensuring that the 3D conversion delivers results as good as a movie shot and authored in 3D. Knoll said that it'll be used to make the experience more immersive and he'll avoid some of the more jarring, exaggerated uses of 3D that have marked previous stereoscopic pics.

"Having seen a lot of stereo material, I have very strong opinions about what I like and don't like about stereo," Knoll told Variety. "I'm going to be applying my aesthetic. It's not going to look like (conversions) we've seen in the past."
Knoll said there are no plans to add or fix visual effects on the movies. Over the years, Lucas's digital tweaks on the original trilogy pics have generated pushback from fans. 

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Haunted House features Com 101 student


Subject:The Thirteenth Floor Haunted House.

Hey guys, I wanted to let everyone know about a haunted house i have been working for that is brand new. The thirteenth floor is a new haunted house in the Circus CIrcus hotel. It is being created by the same owner of Fright Dome. This Haunted house is located on the thirteenth floor of the hotel and that is really all i can give away besides the fact that it is ridiculously scary and spooky. As a scare actor in this haunted house I can assure you everyone at one point or another will be frightened! Garunteed! If anyone is interested in going through the attraction we will open Friday, Oct. 1 at 2pm. I am still working out discounts and what not, should know thursay, but hey if your interested let me know and i'll see if i can hook it up. :)

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Free Macbeth from Henderson Shakespeare in the Park

Click on image to enlarge. These evens are free of charge. 
Support Shakespeare and the arts by attending one or more performances.

Extra Income as part of research study

>Plaza Research in Las Vegas is currently recruiting for a new upcoming paid research study.
>If you or anyone you know may be interested, please review the general requirements and click on the appropriate link below to complete the online application for the study. All answers will be reviewed and qualified applications will be called back on first come first served basis until all seats are filled.
>General Requirements ­ Local Clark County residents ages 18 to 71 years old
>Dates ­ October 6th or October 7th, 2010
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Editor Note: I have not checked this out myself, but I do know people who have earned extra money working for this survey group.

Income Opportunity

We have a unique opportunity for a few ladies looking for some extra income.  We have an opening at our new door at the airport arranging transportation for guests as they arrive in Las Vegas .  There will be two 5 hour shifts offered: 12:00pm – 5:00pm and 5:00pm to 10:00pm and we will need girls there 7 days a week.  If you are looking to supplement your income and make some extra money we would love to talk to you.  The hourly rate is $15.00 per hour and we can be very flexible with your schedule.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Kristi Marshall/Account Manager
AWG Destination Services an Alan Waxler Group, LLC
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Editor note: Passed on by a friend but I have not checked out this job offer. I am passing it on to students who may need the money and hours. Again, I have not checked out the employer.

American Association of University Woman

Chocolate & Wine
Cheese & Champagne
On the PATIO
SAT Oct 2nd
6:00 TO 9:00 pm
Tickets $20

Politics, who is holding the chips?

What a difference a year makes. 

In 2009, Republican leaders said using reconciliation 
to pass historic health insurance reform was tantamount to:

"running over the minority, putting them in cement and throwing them in the Chicago River"

Appearing on CNBC last week, the same GOP leaders were asked, 
"Can you use reconciliation to chip away
 and gradually roll back some of the unpopular Obama policies?"

The responses were pretty unbelievable.


"Reconciliation is the fastest best path to get there. We do want to use
reconciliation, you ultimately have to use reconciliation to get there."