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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SAG Actor Blog

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Dare to Dream, go nuts, jump off the deep end!

The way to achieve great things is to dream and in doing so escape "the box". This is from a student last fall....

Be Absurd. Be Crazy. Dare to Dream.

Inspired by "How nonsense sharpens the intellect" from the New York Times..

Sometimes it pays to not make sense, to explore the whimsical, discover the totally absurd. The New York Times article above explores how going off the beaten track can lead to new discoveries, new ways of doing things or just refresh you to tackle what you need to tackle.

First Posted October 9, 2009

Kristin Citino
Com 101-113

I was looking at past blog entries and I read the one titled "Be Absurd. Be Crazy. Dare to Dream". I must admit I was intrigued enough to read the NY Times article and I completely agree. I seriously think that things that are absurd challenge us because they force us to think outside of the box. I especially liked reading about the experiment with the students reading the short stories and studying the letter strings. I think its fascinating about how the mind can form patterns without us knowing. I also agree with the statement at the end that goes, "disorientation begets creative thinking."

Reading this article reminded me of two quotes that I love that I'll share with you. The first is from Charles Bukowski and it goes, "Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead." The other one is from Marilyn Monroe and it goes, "imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

BC Great Train Robery

Event Name:Great Train Robbery of the Nevada Southern Railway

Click "read more" below for details on the robbery and a western style BBQ that follows. 

Sharon Angle on Maternity Leave and Autism

Rude Anyone?

As the US grows in multi-culturalism are we growing increasingly rude and insensitive to others?

It seems that we are, by the way we treat each other and are less and less concerned about those we do not see (thus the Tea Party movement where the plight of the inner cities and those of multi-cultural backgrounds is given only token acknowledgement despite how their proposed changes in government would gut the life-line services we provide as an emergency net for our citizens)..

But the truth is that the definition of "rude" varies by culture and situation

As we speak in public, or interact with each other, we need to be aware of the mores and customs of those we are communicating with.

Some societies spin long stories before coming to a point. We were like this once. Abraham Lincoln and his contemporaries were such story tellers, as were pioneers like Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett, those on the wagon trains west and many of the immigrant populations that fed the push west.

But today we are the "keep it business", "get the the point", "time is too valuable", "don't waste my time" champions of the world.

Eastern cultures take it slow, and do not interrupt speakers.

Americans, and in particular males, do business through the interaction of interruption and rude attitudes.

Hispanic tend to not be in a hurry to get the point.

Cultures that respect their elders are less likely to develop what most people say are rude behavior traits. Societies that put a priority on youth (like the US) tend to excuse rudeness and even admire it.

Nordic cultures want succinct statements but also expect detailed and often long support information.

Eye contact in some Asian cultures may be considered disrespectful, where as in America we expect it and do not trust those who look away.

These are just a few of the differences noted by those who work within the UN or other international settings here in the US.

So what is rude? What are your thoughts and views?

Paying For News

In a Linked-In discussion a pro-business individual proposed that we need to find a way for the end user (reader, viewer) to pay for their access to news. To some extent that is already true, as we pay for internet service, we pay for the newspaper, and we pay for cable...but to have to pay for the news that should be a public service and is a key part to keeping our nation free...I have a real problem with that.

My students do not and will no pay for news.

It's a new generation out there, so pay models will only lead to an informed elite and uninformed malleable masses.

The fourth estate needs to be available and accessible for everyone for free or we could lose the core of our American Democracy, where every citizen has the right to an informed vote.

Interests in news in this iPod age are declining, at least among high school and college students. We see or are in contact with those who eat up news, as I do, but the reality is that most Americans are uninformed by choice.

Then too there is the recession. How can you ask people to pay for something they can live without? Those of us news junkies will pay, but only what we can afford and then we drop subscriptions more than we add.

The survey is very misleading as it limits choices to one (for example I seek our national and international news, particularly that which does not attract the masses in six minute increments).

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Doonesbury does Millenial Generation

Zipper and Jeff: Millennials

Click strip to enlarge

May 10, 2004

Click strip to enlarge

August 3, 2004

Garry Trudeau created the Doonesbury strip 40 years ago this month. He’s the author of the forthcoming book 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective, from which this article has been adapted.

Annual Wurstfest / Oktober Fest in BC this weekend

Event Name:Wurstfest
Event Type(s):Boulder City, NV
Member Event
Event Date:09-25-10
Event Time:11AM - 11PM
(phone: 702-293-3856)

Upcoming Boulder City Events:

Farmer's Market
Farmer's Market
CAST for Kids

John Stewart on Glenn "Beck's Law"

Jon Stewart taking apart Fox New's Glen Beck's crusade against President Obama and the Democrats..particular interests to one member of my COM 101 8 AM Tuesday and Thursday sectio

First posted 12-9-2010