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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Redbox reaches one billion rentals

Sept 7, 2010, 06:09 PM ET  Hollywood Reporter
Redbox this weekend achieved a milestone: The kiosk chain rented its 1 billionth DVD.

"We have grown as fast as, or faster than, Netflix," Redbox president Mitch Lowe
said in an interview with Home Media Magazine.

Indeed, the first Redbox-branded DVD rental vending machines were rolled out in 2005,
a year after the company launched at 140 McDonald's fast-food restaurants
with rebranded DVDPlay kiosks.

Netflix rented its 1 billionth DVD in February 2007, 10 years after the company was
established and eight years after it launched its pioneer DVD subscription rental
business model. Lowe had helped found Netflix and served as VP of business
development for the Los Gatos, Calif.-based company.

The Redbox milestone comes just the company is beginning to add second
vending machine units at existing kiosk locations.

Redbox currently has 24,000 rental kiosks throughout the United States,
with plans to add another 2,000 by the end of this year, Lowe said.

Revenue in the most recent quarter rose 44% to $271.9 million.

The top five retail outlets where Redbox has kiosks, Lowe said, are grocers
Kroger and Super Valu, Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven. The company also has placed
kiosks on military bases, including Pearl Harbor,
and has just inked a deal with the CVS drugstore chain.

"We're also opening in public libraries," Lowe said.
"They're telling us now they can dedicate monies they were spending on movies
toward buying books again."

Lowe said the recent decision to add Blu-ray Discs to the Redbox mix is already paying off.

"It's going really good," he said. "It's something our customers have been asking for,
for a long, long time. We now have Blu-ray Discs in every kiosk, and
we are slowly but surely building up our selection.

"Many customers who haven't yet made the plunge [into Blu-ray] are
teeling us this is making them more inclined to buy a Blu-ray player."

To celebrate its 1 billionth rental, Redbox today is unveiling on its website
a "Thanks a billion" promotion. Anyone who rents a movie from
Redbox this month can get a coupon good for a free movie rental simply
by going to the Redbox website and entering the barcode from the DVD.

Bonnie Screams Casting Continues 9-14

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          logonewshow.jpgRoger Ebert's At The Movies returns

As a born and raised Chicagoian, transplanted west at the age of  21, I am please to announce the return of "At The Movies" to PBS and its WTTW Channel 10, Chicago roots. Gene Siskel passed away and Ebert has an artificial voice, but the co-commentators he has chosen will do well with their legacy.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Legendary film critic and Twitter master Roger Ebert announced that he's reviving his classic half-hour review program "At the Movies" on PBS.

Titled "Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies," the show will be hosted by Christy Lemire, film critic of The Associated Press, and Elvis Mitchell of NPR.

Ebert noted that the series, whose long-runnning syndicated version was recently canceled, was returning to its public station birthplace. The new program will launch on WTTW Chicago, just like the original incarnation of "At the Movies" (titled "Opening Soon at a Theater Near You") did in 1975.


"At the Movies" will bring back Ebert's copyrighted "Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down" rating device, which was removed from the syndicated program after Ebert left the show. The critic lost his ability to speak after a battle with cancer.

"This is the rebirth of a dream," Ebert wrote. "I believe that by returning to its public roots, our new show will win better and more consistent time slots in more markets. American television is swamped by mindless gossip about celebrities, and I'm happy this show will continue to tell viewers honestly if the critics think a new movie is worth seeing."

Ebert will act as co-producer along with his wife, Chaz Ebert. The show will debut in January. Ebert will employ a computer voice to appear on episodes under a segment titled "Roger's Office." He says he will not debate the two co-hosts.

"They'll be awarding the Thumbs, and you can't have three Thumbs."
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