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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Obama is a ___________..........

are they sure obama is a marxist/commie/fascist?
cause if he is, they are in BIG trouble!! these type rulers want complete control and do not like dissenters. he will send his henchmen to their homes to have them tortured and murdered.
since obama has total control, these men were not able to write this because they do not have freedom of speech, of the press, or the right to assemble. tyrants like obama do not allow that to happen.
and lets not forget that being the tyrant that he is, obama does not allow them freedom of relgion or the right to own property or businesses. yes, life under this marxist/ commie/ socialist/fascist big has been terrible.
he controls ALL of media and dictates what can be written or spoken. nobody canown a puter in their homes. he decides which books are acceptable. because he is this anti-colonisitic person(wtf), none of us in america are wealthy.
we all make the same amount of money. we are no longer a captitalist/socialist society, cause our dictator makes all decisions that were once made by overpaid, egotistical white men.
so yes, living with obama as president has been pure hell. this is what life is like when you have a secret muslim potus who attended wright's church that was indoctornated by his deadbeat dad to islam who abandoned the family when he was 2: TYRANNY!!

Recession update

16.3% of African Americans are on unemployment. Up to 40% nationally are on temporary jobs, unemployed or have no income due to expired or denied claims.

Over 45 and under 30 have a national unemployment of 14%, with the overall unemployment just under ten percent nationally.

For the first time ever unemployment among "white collar professionals" exceeds the national norm, with many of their jobs either gone or a long way off from returning.

What are your observations or thoughts?

Unicorn Meat is not "the other white meat"

Pork Lobby Sends Cease & Desist Over Unicorn Meat

Pork Lobby Sends Cease & Desist Over Unicorn MeatThe National Pork Boardsent a cease & desist order today, claiming infringement on the phrase "the other white meat," by nerd storeThinkGeek, which uses the trademarked tagline to describe sparkle-spam gag gift "Unicorn Meat."
Anyway Unicorn meat isn't white.