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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rembering Gone with the Wind Actress, and Bambi's love

Cammie King Conlon, the former child actress who portrayed the doomed daughter of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind," has died at the age of 76.

She died of lung cancer Wednesday morning at her Fort Bragg home on California's north coast, said friend Bruce Lewis. Her son, Matthew Ned Conlon, was by her side.

Conlon was picked to play the small, but pivotal role of Bonnie Blue Butler in the 1939 Civil War epic at age 4. Her character's death in a fall from a pony irrevocably damages Rhett and Scarlett's tumultuous marriage.

Conlon also voiced the young doe Faline in Walt Disney's "Bambi" three years later. It would be her final film role.

"My mother decided she wanted me to have a normal childhood," she wrote on her blog, which talked about her brief career and a memoir she published last year on her "Gone With the Wind" experience. She often joked with interviewers that she had "peaked at 5."

CSN Fall Theatre Auditions

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Friendship is to be valued above all else.
Long time friends are not to be forgotten or abandoned.
True friends allow you to speak what you feel and be who you are.

Honesty and integrity are stronger than ambition, or the drive for positions, power, money!

Trust is something to be valued and protected.

Open to new ideas. Open to change. Open to life.

Faith, religious and in each other, are essential. We cannot be truly human without them.

Do no harm. Covet no ones position or possessions.

Teach, share, offer help whenever you can.

Give your all.

Be the best person you can be.

Forgive yourself when you stumble.

Forgive others even when they know not what they have done.

Be a true friend to yourself and others.

These are values I believe in.

-Art Lynch

The Girl With the Gun

What do Women Want on TV?
Blood and Action! Kick Ass Heroines!
[NIKITA1]Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW
Nikita, played by Maggie Q, in the first episode of TV series '
Nikita' which starts Sept. 9 on the CW
To read the full story of female violence and action on TV click on "read more" below or go to WSJ by clicking here.

Thesp shares wealth on Web: Gordon-Levitt uses internet for collaboration.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants everyone to get in on the creative act.

But instead of launching a production company through a studio like most thesps, he started a website that acts as a talent incubator and collaborative platform.

His website hitRECord started in 2005 as a pet project, but, likely attracting attention from his role in "Inception," the site multiplied its membership by 200% in the month of August -- shooting from 7,000 to 22,000 users.

Yet according to Gordon-Levitt, sheer numbers aren't what the endeavor is about.

"We don't spend any time trying to maximize usership of our website; we try to attract cool, talented, dedicated artists to work with us on collaborative projects," he says. "I'd rather have 20,000 great artists working on my website than 20 million fans."

Over the last five years, the project has morphed into a thriving website in which users work together on collective projects called "RECords" that can range from films to songs to cartoons. The site now acts a talent incubator and an open collaborative production company spearheaded by the thesp, his producing partner Jared Gellar and creative director Marke Johnson.

Above is from Vareity. Read more:
Visit to become a Variety subscriber. 

Words you Can't Trust

"you know"
"as you were"
"as you know"
"you probably know"
"as we all know"
"trust me"
"have faith"
"to tell the truth"

These have been identified as words used by people who are being evasive, who are less honest an who manipulate others. Also, fewer "spacers," such as "um", "ah"or pauses tend to show people coached and skilled in hiding things.

People who shaken hands, smile and touch a lot are also not to be fully trusted. Studies show that these are people who want something from you and have been coached on how to seem more approachable and trustworthy.

People who take credit for the work of others or who brag about what they have done, can do, how talented they are or what they will do for you are not to be trusted.

Claims, very common in campaign literature, of having accomplished the work of others, or things done by their predecessors, and who claim with terms like "I will" are also not being fully honest and open.

These generalities come from academic studies of CEO's, politicians and group dynamics in both the work place and non-profit situations.

They indicate a lack of knowledge, hiding something or trying to sell you for their personal gain.


(Graphic from WebGuruUK. Click here.)

First posted 8-11-10

Acting Class "Bargain" begins after Labor Day


Ten times the value for the dime, in a small town environment.
10 minutes from Henderson, half hour from downtown Las Vegas and the Strip.

Registration is now underway for  acting classes through the Boulder City Parks and Recreation District. The classes are small, flexible and good for beginners as well as advance actors (arrangements can be made based on your interests and experience). On Camera, voice over, theater stage, auditioning and improvisation are planned as part of the courses
Boulder City

Call 293-9340 or 293-1915.

or (702) 454-1067 for information

$40 monthly fee for weekly classes, 
group discounts available.

Wednesday or Monday:
Children 5:30 to 6:40 PM
Teens and Adults 7 to 9PM
Will add Adult or teen only class 5 or more students. Other daytime or evening classes can be scheduled with 4 or more reliable students.

Pictured are students from Boulder City and from Casting Call Entertainment, where I offer a Friday On-Camera Acting class from 5 to 9. I believe their rate is $99 for one month. 702-369-0400.
(Photo James Campbell, voice over student and artist).