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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Home needed for dog allergic to humans

I’m not sure if this email to you is appropriate, but I really wasn’t sure who else to send this to, and I was hoping to be able to possibly get some help from your amazing listeners.

Here’s a very brief summary of what’s going on:

I am an animal lover, I live with 5 animals, I’m getting divorced and going back to school in the bay area. My soon-to-be-ex has, reluctantly (yes, that’s bitterness) agreed to care for the other 4 for a time until I can settle my living situation and take all of them on a permanent basis.

The 5th is a dog named Bowie with medical issues, allergies (foods and he’s allergic to humans, stop laughing please, ok, laugh), and behavior issues. Given the reasons above I am concerned that I will be unable to have the necessary resources to take Bowie with me and care for him appropriately. I am looking for a foster home until I can take all of the animals. Again, given the reasons above, I am willing to work with, potentially help fund, or find some solution to anyone who is willing to foster Bowie. If there’s somewhere/way to get this info out to your listeners I would be incredibly grateful.

If not please know that I do understand, truly, and hold no grudge. This email is more of a plea of desperation and panic rather than some well thought-out plan.

I appreciate your time and consideration.


Aaron Oseas
C: 702-595-3491

Education would be slashed under Angle, research confirms her views

Audit finds Reid Ads tell the truth about Angle, despite attempts to back-paddle. The following is from the non-patrician Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact.

The Nevada Senate race between incumbent Democrat Harry Reid and Republican challenger Sharron Angle has become one of the nation's most bitter, with Angle seeking to make Reid the poster child for the poor national and Nevada economies and Reid trying to portray Angle's staunchly conservative views as out of the mainstream...

In a television ad released Aug. 23, 2010, Reid's campaign says that Angle wants to eliminate the U.S. Department of Education
We went to the archived interview and found that the ad doesn't distort her view. Here's a transcript of the relevant portion of the interview:

"I believe that anything that isn't a federally governed, enumerated power in the Constitution, which means the federal government should be paying out on this, is up for grabs here," she said. "And we have some departments like the Department of Education that passes down policy, one-size-fits-all, that fits no one. Like No Child Left Behind. We need to keep those education dollars right here in the state and put them where they will do the most good, which is right in that classroom, with that classroom teacher. We need to cut down on those bureaucracies that take those educational dollars that should be going into that classroom.

"And it angers me every time I hear (politicians) say we're going to cut teachers," she continued. "What about the agencies that never see a child, never have been in a classroom, that are passing down policy that actually overburdens our classrooms. What about those? Why don't we cut there?"

That's when the host interjects. "Would you eliminate the Department of Education or simply cut it back?"

Angle responds, "I would like to go through to the elimination. I think we start by defunding it, and the reason that we should eliminate it is because its not the federal government's job to provide education for our children. It's a 10th Amendment right. It should be done here in the state, and it should be done as close to the local as possible."

Hollywood Landmarks to go Blue in Support of Prostate Cancer Research Tonight

prostate-cancer-awareness.jpgA handful of Hollywood buildings will be bathed in blue light starting tonight and it's not for the Dodgers. Today actually marks the beginning of National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. The disease, identified as blue on awareness ribbons, is the most common cancer in males the U.S. Approximately, there are 180,000 diagnoses each year and it kills some 40,000 annually.
Starting tonight the Capitol Records Building, Paramount Studio’s Melrose Gate and Water Tower, the historic Roosevelt Hotel and the Ramada of West Hollywood will all be seen in blue for a week..

Posted in memory of Gary Gehrm Deacon.

Living Room as Tech Battleground

PC World offers an Excellent summary of the state of streamed TV, with Links added by this blogger.

Jeff Bertolucci, PC World

Today’s unveiling of a smaller, cheaper Apple TV set-top box is the latest in a long line of tech industry efforts to conquer the living room. Recent reports and rumors have Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Sony all developing low-cost entertainment devices that would stream entertainment bits—movies, TV shows, music, photos, and so on—from the Internet to your HDTV.

These endeavors date back to the Internet’s formative years in the 90s, when numerous hardware, software, and online companies gave the Net-TV fusion a shot, but no one got it right.

The Early Days

America Online, back then the 800-pound ogre of online, tried an interactive TV service called AOL TV that quickly fizzled out. Microsoft and Intel teamed up with MTV to deliver digital TV content to big-screen PCs, which were destined for the living room (well, perhaps not). And Gateway 2000 launched an unsuccessful TV/PC hybrid system, as did Compaq Computer and Thomson Electronics.
Many early efforts failed in part because the technologies needed to make them work--speedy and affordable broadband service, in-home Wi-Fi, and faster processors capable of handling HD video streams--weren’t ready for prime time.

They are now, of course. Online video services like Netflix are seeing a surge in subscribers, while Blockbuster and similar DVD-rental chains are marching toward bankruptcy. The easy availability of low-cost media-streaming hardware, including DVRs, set-top boxes (e.g., Roku and Boxee gear), and various Blu-ray players and game consoles, has helped as well.

Of course, not all recent efforts have succeeded, either. The original Apple TV, which debuted in 2007, long endured a tepid reception from critics and end users alike. Even Apple seemed to ignore it. The aggressive $99 price of the new model, however, will certainly help Cupertino’s chances in the set-top market.

More to Come

The coming months will bring a flood of Apple TV competitors, most notably Google TV, the search giant’s much anticipated set-top box that’s slated to arrive this fall. And Amazon, which already runs a thriving online movie service (which, like Apple TV, offers 99-cent rentals of TV episodes), is reportedly developing a subscription streaming service that would challenge Netflix.

Sony, meanwhile, is expected to announce a new music and video subscription service as early as Wednesday, according to the Financial Times. The service would use Sony’s PlayStation game console and other Internet-connected devices to stream content. Finally, Microsoft is rumored to be developing a TV channel for its Xbox 360 console.

From PC World, click here for link.

See also Internet Television The Next Generation (and links on that page).

Apple to introduce 99 cent rentals.

"I am paying you to teach me."

"The instructor should lecture more on testable material rather than making students learn it on their own. I am paying to be taught."

A confidential evaluation by a student.


Education is about questions. At any point students should not be afraid to ask questions, to seek answers, to challenge ideas. As long as they remember there is a "method to the madness" and that what you may perceive as rambling or off topic may actually be pushing you to discover, learn and reconsider ideas and beliefs. Communication is a liberal arts discipline, with the exploration, understanding and celebration of the human condition at its core.

Are you a consumer or a seeker of knowledge?

There is an entitlement seeping into education. It started in grade school, found it way into the "no child left behind" world of high schools and is now permeating college. Part of it is the "I paid for it" mentality . In reality we teach as a loss, thus the budget problems at local, district and state levels. A small percentage, less than 30% the last time I checked, is paid for by the students. Schools do not exist for you as individuals, nor do we work for you. We exists for society, the group, the advancement of knowledge and the guarantee of an educated future.

The Consumer Model is currently being investigated by Congress for the promises made, the sales pitch, the actual delivery of product and the debt it generates for...well consumers.

The Service Model has been around since the Renaissance, and prior to that, as church and state fought to keep knowledge alive, for society to grow and pull itself out of the gutter and the health oft he whole person and society.

Are you ready to learn what it takes to succeed in life? 

Exploration and "learning" are the methods of learning in life and the basic tools of adult education. The concept is that adults retain, use and benefit more from being made to explore and learn "on their own" then from being spoon fed. Retention of information is much higher when you work to discover it.

Are you "paying to be taught?"

In a word: no.

You are paying be exposed to ideas, concepts, skills and advice to help you to achieve your goals, to learn, to explore and to gain the paper that will help you to do whatever you seek to do. It is your process. It is your life. It is your responsibility.

Am I here as a teacher for you?

In a word: yes.

Yes, but not to be a slave or a salesperson. I am here to pass on my expertise so you can use it and build on it. I am here to help you learn through reading, lecture, tough and challenging discussion, critique (which includes criticism), trial and error and, with luck, inspiration.

I am open to meetings, e-mail or Angel conversations, answering questions in class and helping you in whatever way you feel is needed, to do well in the class, learn what you need to learn and move forward.

Now, in all honesty, what do you think about the following statement?

"The instructor should lecture more on testable material rather than making students learn it on their own. I am paying to be taught."

Ken Orsatti RIP

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you of the death of former Screen Actors Guild National Executive Director, Ken Orsatti, who passed away yesterday afternoon at the age of 78.

Ken served the members of Screen Actors Guild with true excellence in various capacities for nearly 40 years, and is an indelible part of the Guild’s history. He was a dedicated and committed executive whose efforts helped the Guild navigate the waters of an industry that underwent sweeping change during his tenure.

Ken was admired throughout the entertainment industry over the many years of his long career at the Guild.  During his tenure as NED, he served as our chief negotiator on some 20 major contracts.  He was a trustee of the SAG-Producers Pension & Health Plans for more than 35 years and served as a vice president of the International Federation of Actors (FIA), and on the California State Federation of Labor.  In addition, Ken helped found the SAG Foundation and proudly served on the Foundation board for many years.

Ken was particularly beloved by Screen Actors Guild members across the country and by his dedicated staff colleagues, whom he served in various capacities from 1961 until his retirement in 2000.

Ken is survived by his wife Patricia, their three sons Scott, Christopher and Sean and their grandchildren Adam, Anthony, Gianna, Kenneth, Nolan and Kensie.

Services have not yet been scheduled and details will be provided once available.

We will be coordinating a memorial tribute on the SAG website and will be collecting written remembrances for the SAG archives.  I encourage all who wish to do so, to provide your written memorial for Ken by email to SAG communications executive director Pam Greenwalt at

On a personal note, Ken was consistently supportive of me and always expressed a willingness to be helpful in whatever way that he could be.  His presence will indeed be missed.

In unity,

David White
National Executive Director
Screen Actors Guild

Tweet for Unions

Join Thousands of Union Members in Tweeting Support
of Labor and Screen Actors Guild

This Labor Day, we can all do our part to help send a positive message about the value of unions – and we’re encouraging you to join other union members in doing so through Twitter. Simply send a Tweet over Labor Day weekend with the hash tag #unionmember to showcase the strength, solidarity and diversity of our unions. If you would like to use your Tweet to show your support for SAG, also include the hash tag #SAGmember.

Labor Day is a celebration of the American worker and a day to honor the labor movement. This Twitter campaign is an easy way to show you’re proud to be a union member. Your followers and supporters on Twitter will ReTweet your message to maximize visibility of the effort.

The Tweet-A-Thon has been organized by American Rights at Work. We will also be joined by our colleagues at AFTRA and AEA. Feel free to send multiple tweets honoring all of your unions.

Let us know as soon as possible tomorrow (Thursday, Sept. 2) that you’ll be Tweeting this weekend and your name will be added to their list of high-profile union members who are participating.

We’ve made this easy. Here are sample suggested tweets to send through your Twitter account on Labor Day. All are under 140 characters. Of course, you should feel free to personalize your tweets with your own thoughts about Labor Day and unions.

And, if you aren’t yet on Twitter and think this Tweet-A-Thon is the time to start, please call Pam Greenwalt at 323-549-6872 for assistance in setting up your account and then join your colleagues in a Twitter celebration of Labor Day.

Sample Tweets:

Please use #unionmember in each tweet, so we know you’re participating! If you have room, feel free to include the short url of the tweet-a-thon’s website, which is

#sagmember Want to make it big? Become a #unionmember
Best career advice: become a #unionmember
I’m a #sagmember  #unionmember. Happy Labor Day
I am a #sagmember  #unionmember  Part of the American dream.
Happy Labor Day from a proud  #sagmember  #unionmember
Become a #unionmember like me. #sagmember
Oscar, Emmy, SAG Award Winners?  #unionmember #sagmember
#sagmember  #unionmember  Stronger together. Happy Labor Day
Happy #LaborDay! #sagmember #unionmember for life.
Proud #sagmember #unionmember! Happy Labor Day
#sagmember Happy Labor Day, paid for by the labor movement. #unionmember

Thank you in advance for participating and happy Labor Day.

Please call me, Pam Greenwalt, at 323-549-6872 or Damon Romine at 323-549-6841 if you have any questions.


Pamela Greenwalt
Communications Executive Director
Screen Actors Guild
5757 Wilshire Blvd., 7th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90036
O: 323-549-6872
M: 323-440-2892

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