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Monday, August 30, 2010

Borders Bears

Borders is the second largest bookseller in the country. It has lost revenue nine quarters in a year and faces heavy competition from Barnes and Nobel and So you have large stores without the dollars in sales per square foot. Borders decision: sell Teddy Bears (along the lines of Build A Bear) and other collectables. Borders stores already sells CD's, DVD's and Blue Ray Discs, office supplies and cards in addition to books.

Boulder City Opts out of Canada, Mexico trucking route

By Dylan Scott, Las Vegas Sun

The Boulder City Council has approved a resolution to remove the section of U.S. 93 within its city limits from the trucking route between Mexico and Canada.

With the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge to open in November, city officials worry the increased truck traffic on U.S. 93 could create a safety hazard for both its citizens and drivers. Trucks have not traveled over Hoover Dam since 2001 amid concerns of a terrorist attack in the wake of 9/11.

Mayor Roger Tobler, who introduced the resolution that was approved Aug. 24, said it could also resurrect the Boulder City Bypass project, which has stalled in recent years while state funds have been lacking.

The resolution asserts that “no significant improvements” have been made to U.S. 93 within Boulder City to cope with commercial trucks using the highway daily.

The Canamex route, established under the North American Free Trade Agreement, is the designated course for truck traffic traveling from Mexico to Canada.

Tobler admitted at the meeting he doesn’t expect the resolution to actually achieve its stated purpose. Instead, he hopes to draw the attention of the Nevada Department of Transportation to the city's safety concerns and push for work to be done on the highway, which bisects the city for about six miles.

The city estimates 21,000 vehicles to pass through Boulder City each day when the Hoover Dam Bridge opens Nov. 1. The resolution notes that the influx would “increase noise, pollution, congestion and traffic-related accidents in Boulder City and ultimately impact the quality of life enjoyed by Boulder City residents.”

It also proposes truck traffic remain banned from the Hoover Dam Bridge until the Boulder City Bypass is completed.

The Boulder City Bypass would take through traffic around the city and connect it with U.S. 95 as vehicles approach the Las Vegas Valley. The $300 million project, which NDOT has said it won’t have the funding for until 2025, has struggled to stay alive amid the state budget crisis.

Tolling, currently illegal in Nevada, has been proposed as a means of financing the project.

See also Boulder Dam after the bridge opens.

Hoover Dam Bridge, an Engineering Marvel.

Ratings and other newsHollywood Banter: Ratings and other news

Large studios are shedding themselves of independent production and distribution arms, concentrating on their "core" business. In the current economy, filming and distribution of quality product has become increasingly difficult, if you use the industry standard for production and distribution.

Hollywood did not do well this summer. Revenue was up three percent but attendance down. Only 3-D saved income. There were fewer hits, but the hits were very successful. Last year there were 15 movies released in summer that grossed more than 100 million over the summer. This year only 11.

Attendance was at the lowest numbers in five years. Actual income levels hit an all time high, due in a good part to 3-D films like "Avatar" and "Toy Story III", earning more per person and per screen.

Independent films and art house films are having trouble getting on screens or finding an audience. Great reviews and even stars did not ensure even small revenue for Hollywood.

If films are not attended, and do not bring in at least cost plus marketing, then future films will not be financed. The business requires that you make money, Even large studios, who "eat" the loss of films that do not make it, making it up from blockbuster profits.

The Digital Revolution is impacting the industry, causing income to risk going down, attendance to drop, and decision making to lead to only "safe" films, which in the long run will cause more harm than good, and add to the "dumbing down" of America.

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Smith Center for the Performing Arts Now Hiring

From Kim Russell:

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts has opened its employment doors and hiring has now begun.   If you haven’t taken a look at the world class performing arts center under construction in downtown Las Vegas, please visit;

To explore employment opportunities, please visit:

Political Internship Available

There are just 64 days until the November elections.

Here at OFA, it's all hands on deck -- and that means we're looking for students, recent grads, and anyone else who believes in the power of organizing to join our fall internship program.

Fall interns will be trained on the principles, strategies, and tactics of effective grassroots organizing -- and will put those skills toward making historic change.

For at least 15 hours each week, from September until November, interns will:

-- Organize communities in support of President Obama's most important policy priorities;
-- Work hand in hand with Organizing for America staff, volunteer leaders, and fellow interns;
-- And engage voters who haven't been involved in the political process before, or who only got involved for the first time in 2008.

The position is unpaid, but you'll gain valuable training and experience that will prepare you for a future career in community organizing, campaigns, or advocacy work.

Applying to be a fall intern is simple -- just click here. But you must apply before the Monday, September 13th deadline.

This movement has accomplished so much in just a short time -- an improbable victory in 2008, huge reforms for health care, Wall Street, and student loans, and so much more.

But we're just getting started. And with the November elections right around the corner, we'll need to do even more.

I hope you'll join us on this incredible journey. Click here to apply:

Let's keep making history together,


Nicole Derse
National Training Director
Organizing for America