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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Movie Premiers at Comic-com

In 1976 Star Wars was the first movie presented at Comic-Con. Now the four-day event, with about 125,000 attendees, is a huge marketing bonanza -- not just for comic-book movies, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and animation but practically any movie or TV show loosely connected to this fan base. We hear what the people at this year's Comic-Con think about Hollywood. Then Jeff Walker, long-time "genre consultant" to Hollywood studios. He  presented Blade Runner at Comic-Con in 1979 and ever since he's lived the geek dream, working for and with the studios on publicity campaigns for movies like all the Batman films, The Matrix trilogy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Inception and many, many others.

In tough times, local theaters mostly play it safe

Bread and Circuses

David McKee of CityLife looks ahead at the mixed bag ahead on the local theatre scene, noting that in th recession local companies (mostly) focus on what they know will keep the tills full and customers happy, instead of taking risks.

McKee looks ahead at the planned seasons of various community and educational theaters.


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Photo: Getty Images/New York Daily News

Verb loses it power

"I am going to Tivo that tonight."

How long since someone told you that.

TiVo is losing market share and use as consumers move to Digital Video Recorders (DVR's) provided by their satellite or cable provider, DVR capacity built into gaming platforms and the Internet to time shift programming. Once dominate TiVo program selection menues have been copied and updated by other companies.

So, do you still TiVo?

Anyone interested in acting or the business invited to join! It is worth it!

Nevada SAG Conservatory

(my stake in this: I was the second chair and the chair  who structured the Conservatory in its current form...with  a lot of help from my friends and the drive to teach, share, bring in experts and open the conservatory to everyone, union and is worth the time and investment..highly recommended!  -Art Lynch)

Photo: Nevada SAG Conservatory Chair Barbara Grant
Chair: Barbara Grant
Co-Chair: Steve Lizotte
Secretary: Mary Ann Hebinck

The Nevada Screen Actors Guild Conservatory hosts professionals in the motion picture, television, voice-over, theater and commercial industries at least ten times a year. These guests lead workshops, provide honest and open information on the industry, as well as offer advice and techniques to build careers.

The Nevada SAG Conservatory is a public service of the Nevada Branch of Screen Actors Guild.

Nevada SAG members may join the Nevada Conservatory for $40 a year. Workshops are free for conservatory members and $20 per event for non-conservatory members.

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