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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pine Cone Shortage has Grizzlies Upset

There is a pine cone shortage, meaning that Grizzlies and other bears are more likely to come to where humans are in search of  food. An advisory has been issued.

SAG, AFTRA, IATSE side with MPAA on same side in favor or "net nutrality"

One of Hollywood's chief concerns over net neutrality -- or rules that would require Internet providers treat all content equally -- is there be flexibility to allow for fighting piracy.

In a filing to the FCC on Thursday, the MPAA -- along with the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists, the Screen Actors Guild, the Directors Guild of America and IATSE -- said it fears a reclassification will create a type of "regulatory uncertainty" in which Internet providers devote fewer resources to fight-ing piracy. The concern is that such a move will trigger more lawsuits and years of litigation.

The MPAA and the unions cited the opposition to reclassification from such Internet providers as the National Cable and Telecommunications Assn. and AT&T, calling them "the very parties whose cooperation is needed to implement content protection measures online."

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Sunday Morning News and Views

To believe or not to believe? 

To tell the truth and the whole truth or the truth as you see it, filtered through your own bias, lack of research and personal experiences (income level, race, religion and so forth)?

Fabricated “falsehoods” are believed to be “fact” long after they are unleashed on the Internet. Creative fabrications orchestrated by Karl Rove for Bush and McCain, and now in the Republican national campaign to unseat Senator Harry Reid, are repeated, as “fact” over and over again, with “true believers” dead set in their beliefs, unwilling to do any research or check on their “facts.”

1 in 5 Americans believe we are led by a Muslim.

Only one person is three knows that the President is a Christian..

The ignorance of Americans and the quick way we accept what we want to believe is amazing. Don't like Obama, then believe he was not born in the US and that he is a Muslim. Both have been proven false, but that does not seem to matter. Support a Mosque near Ground Zero and there is all the proof you need, despite his daily Christian prayers and visiting Christian Churches whenever possible. His doing, the inclusive message presidents are suppose to give in a country where we have a separation of church and state. His visit to a Mosque with a boyhood friend when he was a kid himself is not seen as his curiosity and open-minded approach to things but as "proof" that the president is a closet Muslim.

Those spreading falsehoods should be told the story about "tossing the first stone."

Just one man can cause major damage with deliberate lies, deception and half truths, simply to advance their own beliefs as and agenda:

Don't expect any apology, retraction, or the standard I was misquoted backpedal from renowned evangelist Franklin Graham for saying that President Obama has the Muslim seed in him. Graham's quip was a response to a question from CNN's John King about the Pew Research Center poll. It found a big increase in the number of Americans that think that Obama's a Muslim. But Franklin had another motive, and the motive had nothing to do with religion, belief, or Obama's genetics, but politics, naked, brutal, and raw politics.
The Obama is a Muslim label carries a special taint, and Franklin knows it.

As a nation, why can't we quest for truth, facts and cooperative discourse? Are hate, mistrust and "winning" at all cost taking over the democracy our Founding Fathers saw as educated decisions by educated men?

The most frustrating part is that we have become so polarized that neither side is listening to each other. When you do listen, like a lightning rod, you draw non-top attention a constant blast of propaganda rather than two way discussion and compromise. People attack your view out of the gate, rather than listen, try to understand where you are coming from then quietly, calmly and in an educated manner, share what they believe what they do.

Don't you hat it when you say something you know is right and are told you are wrong, then the other person gets almost belligerent about their being right. This happened to me recently when someone claimed that the corn we use for animal feed, fuel and additives is the same the Maze Native Americans introduced us to. The truth is that we eat "sweet corn' which represents less than ten percent of all corn grown. Most corn cannot be eaten, or if it could be we would hate the taste.

A result of the Internet Era is everyone considers himself or herself an expert, yet few know how unregulated and often incorrect the Internet can be. So students of 13, 18, 24 and even senior citizens correct us when we know we are correct. What would be more productive, and what exist in a truly educated society is to correct with details and add to knowledge rather than confront and base, possibly both sides of the argument, on incomplete information from an often-inaccurate source.

Now add television and even print reporters. They are young, underpaid and trying to make a name for themselves. Too often they pass on false information that people then take and pass on as fact. Too often you will see them arguing with those who were actually at an event, involved in a project or who lived through the time the reporter "expert" is swearing they are correct on.

Does anyone listen?

For those who pay attention to history the potential for war is high. I do not mean the multiple wars we are already in. I am referring to war in Africa, Iran, Korea or with China. If you chart history the path is clear and let's pray those in power avoid any actual shooting war.

Iran unveiled an unmanned drone capable of delivering even nuclear payloads over long distances. They presented it as a harbinger of "peace". Shades of 1984.

China's economic outlook is now second only to the US, surpassing Japan.

Most of the fighting between Muslims and Christians happens on or near the 10th parallel. The roots are more about land and scarce resources, such as water, then religion or race, however over time Kane kills Able makes it personal, both in terms of religion a blind vengeance. Studies show that these geographic and resource disputes have more to do with the mistrusts and potential violence than the Crusades or deep religious differences.  In fact the two religions are brothers in many ways, and both preach peace and forgiveness.

One author found that young men described jihad and violence against the infidels as a career choice, since there is a lack of work and potential in other areas. When asked their preference, they say they would prefer to go to the US or Europe and find a good job and good trade. With large numbers of unemployed men under 30 and teenage angst high fuel is being poured economically on what could be a very small fire, causing a huge blaze and deep international hatred.

President Barack Obama plans a major speech as the last U.S. combat troops prepare to leave Iraq. A senior administration official says details are still being completed, but the speech will be sometime after the president's vacation.

Gen. Ray Odierno, Commander of U.S. Forces in Iraq, told Face the Nation that we have not "won" a war, but that Iraq is doing a very solid job defending itself. We are ready to withdraw and he does not foresee further combat roles. Iraq may still need out help in logistics and in building infrastructure.

Afghanistan's president says women's rights won't be sacrificed in any peace deal with the Taliban. Hamid Karzai has been reaching out to Taliban members who are willing to break with terrorist groups. He tells ABC's "This Week" that Afghan women will have "solid and meaningful" representation in any formal talks. This comes the same day NPR featured a story about how rural Afghan women are not much better off in the new Afghanistan than they were under the Taliban, despite woman in the government and key decision making positions

Some human rights groups and experts say Somalia's rebels, the al-Shabab, are becoming more and more like the Taliban in Afghanistan. In Somalia, men are forced to grow beards; women can't leave home without a male relative and music, movies and watching sports on TV are banned. Limbs are chopped off as punishment and execution by stoning has become a public spectacle While most of the work for young men is piracy related, there is growing school for Islamist terrorism in Somalia relatively out of the reach of the international community. The US is shy to do anything about it due to our memory of "Blackhawk Down" and the intense highly armed and trained street fight nature if we were to go in. China is looking seriously at limited intervention to protect its other interests in Africa and shipping lanes

The Internet has had an unforeseen impact on our memories. It is defining them. Tests have shown that people remember events that they were not a part of and will swear they were there because of Internet connections to the event. Photo's, videos and audio files stored on computers, posted on social networking sites such as Facebook or carried around on Internet enabled cell phones or other devices now impact how we remember an event in our lives and people in our past. Test with children show that they remember events that they were not at, places they have not been and people they may not have met in person. Adults under 30 have a similar framework.

Democratic Sen. Harry Reid and Republican rival Sharron Angle have agreed to their first debate, on Oct. 14.

A study released by the state Health Division says Nevadans are more likely to die of suicide than murder. Nevada's suicide rate was nearly double the national average in 2006. The report says suicide victims in the state are twice as likely to be Nevada residents rather than tourists.

The Reno City Council is considering new rules that would subject special events organizers to penalties if they put on a similar event somewhere else within 45 days of being in Reno. Under a proposal, the penalty would equal half the money received from the city under their sponsorship agreement. Sponsorship money is used to help offset the costs of city services charged for police, fire and public works. Council members asked for the policy after organizers of Hot August Nights, the city's biggest special event, announced plans to expand to Southern California next summer. The event in Long Beach will be held a week before the Reno event.