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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Gloria Stuart, one of Screen Actors Guild’s first members and one of the Guild’s first board members has been recognized by the National Board of Screen Actors Guild for her accomplishments and years of service to the union.
Photo top: Her Oscar winning role in Titanic. Left: at home in her library.
Photo right: Woman of the Day with Gloria Stuart.
The board recently passed the following resolution:
In recognition of Gloria Stuart’s extraordinary contributions to the founding and early governance of Screen Actors Guild; in honor of her lifelong commitment to the union through continuous membership for more than 70 years; in tribute to her joyous spirit and artist’s soul; and in gratitude for her service to the Guild and to actors, the National Board of Directors of Screen Actors Guild directs that Guild staff immediately commission and deliver a special honor to Ms. Stuart. 

On Wednesday, August 11, members and staff of SAG visited Stuart at her home to present a framed proclamation letter from President Ken Howard and a green malachite “biseki” (meaning “beautiful stone”) from Zaire, with a diaza base carved by artist Cliff Johnson. Stuart is a collector of biseki and was thrilled with the gift.

Stuart, who won a Screen Actors Guild Award for her role in Titanic, turned 100 on July 4. Today, she is the Guild’s sole surviving board member of the 1930s. In June, the SAG Hollywood Division honored the actor with the prestigious Ralph Morgan Award, marking the first and final time this honor is bestowed upon a member who served on the board with Ralph Morgan, the Guild’s first president.

In July, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences saluted Stuart with a Centennial Celebration, marking the first time one of its members was honored and still living at 100 years of age. 

Can the president wave a wand? Does the "buck stop here?"

The presidency is an entirely different thing than the Republicans have painted for the public. It leads, administers and does represent the position of Commander In Chief of the military. Presidents cannot dictate, force the opposition to accept change, wave a magic wand and fix the economy or give you a job.

Republicans are painting the recession (which occurred on the watch of a Republican president), debt (which began to steamroll under a Republican president), joblessness (again the recession), the war (again, launched under a Republican president), and all social ills on the president and “his” “Democrat” Party (Republicans refuse to use the formal name, which reflects the actual workings internally of the “Democratic Party”).

Republicans use the lack of political or civic education of most Americans (the result of education policies and cuts shepparded under not only Republican presidents but under a Republican congress) to play upon the “reality” that Obama has not delivered the “change” he promised when he ran for election only two years ago.

The truth is that Republicans, a minority in the Senate and House have used the threat of filibuster to get their way, blocking even legislation they supported going in. Yes, a majority can pass a bill, but most Americas do not realize the actual work load of the bodies and how it backs up and nothing gets done every time one party or the other eats up large amounts of legislative time and resources even with the threat of a filibuster.

The president is not God. Their power is not unlimited, in fact the checks and balances are there for a reason. To blame every social or financial ill on the president is pure political posturing.

The truth is the Obama administration did spend a huge amount of money quickly, adding greatly to the recod debt that began with his Republican predecessor,  but it kept us from another Great Depression (ask our oldest seniors what a depression is like), saved the American auto industry and beefed up the security that keeps us relatively safe from the very real and daily threat of terrorism on our soil (as safe as we can be that is). It all cost money, lots of money. To do nothing would have cost us much more and perhaps left us with 20 to 50% unemployment instead of 8 to 15%. Most recently the president spent money, pushing us into debt, helping to bail out a percentage of cuts made by states and local governments in K-12 education.

Obama has done more to save America than any other president since Roosevelt.

Even if you disagree with that statement, the record shows that despite the uncooperative Republican members of Congress, the administration has passed more major legislation in their first year and a half than any previous president going back more than 100 years.

Which is why the opposition hates him so much, and is working so hard, spending so much convincing the American people to hate the man and his party.

Were Republican votes compromises, or were they block votes simply setting the stage for this fall's election, putting politics and political power over the nation and the American people.