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Friday, August 13, 2010

Pump up your iPad for the future of publishing

Newscorp and owner Rupert Murdock will begin a subscription publication for iPads. The company which owns and operates FOX and FOXnews, feels that on-line portable devices will be the future of newspapers and news magazines.

Apple as a primary gaming platform?

Is Apple Planning A Charge Into The Video Game Console Space?
by Steve Smith

Steve Jobs may be a "super-genius" of marketing and design but I don't think he saw at least one media behemoth coming -- video gaming. Jobs and Apple seemed almost surprised at the ways in which the iPhone so quickly became the new locus of mobile gaming. While they were screwing around with Apple TV, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony had already recognized that gaming was the best way to get a set top box into the living room. We are still waiting for Apple to release for iOS4 the centralized gaming center that will facilitate multiplayer gaming on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Full article from Media Post click here.

Judge Brian Sandoval for Governor?

Judges are thoughtful and smart. They resolve thorny disputes. Judges who run for political office, like, oh, let's say governor, have at least eight shortcomings that make it difficult for them to be effective governors:
1. Judges tell people what to do. People listen. In politics, no one likes to be told what to do and no one listens!
2. Judges send people to jail. Governors wish to send their political foes to jail but can't.
3. Judges prefer parties reach their own solutions on disputes. Governors must decide for others.
4. Judges don't have to compromise. Governors do.
5. Judges don't have to debate issues. Governors -- even ones running for office -- do. People want to know what they stand for.
6. Judges live in the past, using case precedent religiously. Governors live in the future; they're visionary.
7. Judges can hide out in their courtrooms without being in public. Governors, even candidates, do. Public visibility is transparency. Seclusion is suspicious.
8. Judges decide based on the certainty of the law. Governors lead based the uncertainty of other leaders and interest groups.
We need good judges to judge. Good leaders who don't hide from the public are needed to govern.
Vishnu Subramaniam