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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It there is you just ask...ways of financing your training and education

Scholarships for Film and Theatre Students

by Alexis Bonari

Aspiring to be a hit Broadway actor or the next Quentin Tarantino requires an exceptional level of talent.  A little bit of cash for your college expenses doesn't hurt either.  While some big-name actors and directors have risen to notoriety without a college background, a college degree program is the quickest way for the average student to learn their craft.

Scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in theatre or film are allocated based upon a variety of criteria including financial need and talent.  Here are four places to start your scholarship search:

1. Eastman Kodak Scholarship Program
This program caters to the best up-and-coming talent in the film industry.  $5000 scholarships are offered several times a year.  Funding is allocated on the basis of talent.  Judges on the scholarship panel include highly successful producers and actors.

2. Screen Actors Guild Foundation
The Screen Actors Guild has a long-standing reputation for supporting aspiring actors and directors. Scholarships are offered on the basis of need, as well as to students with disabilities.  Internships are another potential source of funding and practical experience.

3. Organization of Women In Film
The contributions of women in the film industry are often overlooked.  Organizations like Women in Film attempt to change this dynamic in favor of a more woman-friendly film community.  Funding is available for professional projects being created by women, as well as scholarships for promising students.

A sister association of Women In Film, Phi Delta Theta, provides scholarship opportunities for both members of their sorority and non-members alike.

4. University of Colorado-Boulder and Other University Scholarships
The University of Colorado offers an extensively funded theatre and film program.  Graduates of this institution often have most of their college tuition funded by university grants and university-specific scholarships.

Universities that are known for their theatre programs often have more extensive endowments.   For theatre majors, the majority of scholarships are offered directly through their educational institution.

Bio: Alexis Bonari is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She spends much of her days blogging about Education and CollegeScholarships. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop