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Monday, August 2, 2010

Mitch Miller gone at 99

Mitch Miller passed away in New York on Saturday at the age of 99. He was a cutting edge record producer for his time, brought music, entertainment and a bit of home to soldiers and three generations of Americans (camp now, but felt great to my parents and grandparents). He broke color lines and made other major steps forward in the industry, however he also opposed "rock and roll" and blocked it from Columbia records for years. He will most be remembered for "Sing Along" with Mitch...both with live orchestras and his records, radio show and television series.

Zombies and International Politics

Why Zombies would win

Zombies are a must for today's society. The same fear that led to invasions from space in the cold war, lead to zombies and vampires as post-human threats in an age where the threat is not nation states but ideologies and those who are "different" than us. 

Your average 18 year old knows more about zombies than international relations or the intercultural wars of today.

The real politique school of thought says Zombies would not change world politics because states always live in constant fear of attack.

Liberals would be more acceptable of Zombies, but could work in a prohibition of Zombies as acceptable, relegating them to outbreaks in areas where there is less social structure.
There would be zombie rights watch or ethical treatment of zombies movements. 
Neocons, like those in the Bush Administration, would be the first to attack Zombies and try to have an aggressive military response and use it as a means also controlling all those who may "identify" with or "sympathize" toward zombies. 
Professor of International Politics Daniel Drezner wrote an article in Foreign Policy magazine about how the world might respond to an uprising of zombies. Why? It highlights some key aspects of international relations. He explains his theory to anchor Marco Werman. (Photo:Kevin Vahey).  (click on "Why Zombies would win" to link to PRI)

First published 6-22-2010
Computer down Saturday to Monday afternoon. Back up now... miss me?

Open invite to CSN Past President's 50th Anniversary

A message from CSN President Emeritus Dr. Paul Meacham (1983-1994):

On Friday, August 27, Trudy and I will celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss. We will hold an open-house, informal celebration at the CSN Cheyenne campus. Please stop by and celebrate with us.

DATE:          AUGUST 27, 2010
TIME:           4PM---7PM

Please no presents, just your presence.