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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Radio on the Internet

A guide to radio stations that are steaming content over the Internet:

Sunday Morning News and Views

Nelson Mandela celebrates his 92d birthday, while the world celebrates the first Nelson Mandela International Day. South Africa’s anti-apartheid campaigner, 27-year political prisoner and first black president of that nation, was at the closing ceremonies of the 2010 World Cup. Declining heath and the death of his granddaughter in a car accident while diving home from a pre-World Cup concert, kept him from attending the opening ceremonies or any of the actual games.

Happy Trails
Apple Valley, California will never be the same. Despite Dale Evans Bld. And Roy Rodger drive, the long time home of the King of the Singing Cowboys is longer be home to a lifetime of memorabilia on a major part of motion picture and television history. Gone are the lunchboxes, Mirabelle the jeep, the stuffed remains of the original Trigger and Bullet the dog. Much of the collection is now stored in the achieves of the Gene Autry Museum in Pasadena, however the larger items, including Roy’s signature horse and loyal k-9 went on sale to private collectors this past week. At the auction the president of RFD-TV, a network designed for rural America, Partick Gottsch, snatched the top prizes, Trigger and Bullet. The two icons will be moved to a museum in “Mr. Rodgers” neighborhood, Omaha, Nebraska. The network is launching a regular feature of Roy Rogers’s movies and reruns of his two classic television series.

Gottsch paid over 166,000 for Trigger and 35,000 for the wonder dog Bullitt.  He declined to say if he bid on Roy’s trusty jeep, Jezebel.

I remember when the Roy Rogers museum moved from next to the bowling alley on Apple Valley Highway, not far from Roy’s home, to a larger facility in Victorville, including its own freeway exit. Roy or Dale would often be there to personally great visitors and walk them through the photos, memorabilia and exhibits.

I spent a few years in Apple Valley and Victorville, doing radio and local theater, as well as working with the music and youth ministries at my church. It’s where I met my wife, Laura. While working at a radio station in Victorville, I completed my newscast and turned around to the glass door behind me to find Roy Rogers watching me. He complimented my work and I was quite honest in telling him that as a small boy, at the Chicago International Livestock Show, held at Navy Pier, I walked right past Roy, passing on an autograph, because all I wanted to do was pet Trigger.  Later I attended Church of the Valley in Apple Valley one Christmas Eve, to find Roy and Dale doing the service. A good friend of ours, Serene Stroller, lived in a house that was Roy and Dale’s before they moved to a larger home, large enough to house their children and many adopted children. The ranch style home, with corral and tack-house, included a walk in closet and changing room the size of most people’s master bedrooms. I remember an event at the Victorville Hilton where Roy Rogers Jr. (a.k.a, Dusty) and his band saluted his father. I sat only four feet from Roy and saw him alternately laugh and cry when his son’s band broke into “Sons of the Pioneer” songs Roy made famous. The evening ended with “Happy Trails to you…until we meet again…”

Tribute to Winston
Our family dog Winston is on his last legs. His kidney shut down. We have chosen “home hospice” for his as he does not appear to be in pain and still appears to want to be with us and his companion, our other dog Mimi. Winston was Laura’s mom’s dog. We are not sure how old he was when she adopted him, but Betty has been gone for nine years, the victim of brain cancer.  That would make our wolfhound mix, who also spent a few years with Laura’s sister Maggie, at least 15 years old, or over 95 in dog years. I have to remember the younger Winston who would slobber and lick me, happy to see me when we would visit Laura’s mom. She loved this dog. Maybe he will join her after he leaves this life.

Congresswoman Dina Titus and challenger, former State Senator Joe Heck, are even in Nevada’s Third Congressional District race. Democrat Titus shows up with 42% in a Review Journal poll (a Republican newspaper) to Heck’s 40%, but the margin of error is 5%, so for all practical purposes either one could be in the lead.  An example of how the RJ slants things the copy reads “less than half” of the voters share President Obama’s love or Titus. Notice how they put Obama in, capitalizing for their candidate Heck, and how they took a district that is split evenly between Republicans and Democrats with about 40% each and spun it, as is it were a Democratic district that does not support the democrat.

While the “even” race between Titus and Heck is on page one, top of page banner, the RJ put the numbers in the Senatorial Race on page 5B. The poll, which is also an RJ based poll, shows Tea Party favorite, self proclaimed “Conservative” Republican Sharon Angle at 37% to US Senator Harry Reid’s 44%, and goes on to blame Reid’s large campaign fund (not mentioning that Angle is raising money at a record pace from out of state and political action committees based in Washington DC).  Reid has been consistently behind or at best even with the list of potential Republican Party candidates in polls taken before Angle won the Republican primary in a come from behind victory.  National media is constantly repeating how Nevadans do not like Harry Reid, based on Republican polls and information from Bush campaign manager Carl Rove. Today’s RJ story ends with a quote from a Republican pollster, Mason-Dixon’s Brad Coker: “Whoever is disliked the most will lose.”

Senator Harry Reid’s son, Clark County Commission Chair Rory Reid and Republican Brian Sandoval are also in a dead heat, although RJ coverage would imply Sandoval is in the lead.

Of course do polls reflect anything, really? And polls this far ahead of a November election tell little about the outcome. The poster child for polling gone wrong is the now famous Chicago Tribune headline, “Dewy beats Truman.”

Good Mornin' Vietnam

Adrian Cronauer, whom Robin Williams played in “Good Morning Vietnam”, caught a problem in last weeks “Weekend Edition”, when they referred to a woman as a “former vet.” He wrote “you can no better be a former vet than a former graduate.” Shown at right in 2008, he is retired in Virginia.

It's not's evolution

“We were told that we would see America come and go. In a sense America is dying, from within, because they forgot the instructions of how to live on earth.Its the Hopi belief, its our belief, that if you are not spiritually connected to the earth, and understand the spiritual reality of how to live on earth, its likely that you will not make it.Everything is spiritual, everything has a spirit, everything was brought here by the creator, the one creator. Some people call him God, some people call him Buddha, some people call him Allah, some people call him other names. We call him Tunkaschila... Grandfather.We are here on earth only a few winters, then we go to the spirit world. The spirit world is more real then most of us believe. The spirit world is everything.Over 95% of our body is water. In order to stay healthy you've got to drink good water. ... Water is sacred, air is sacred. Our DNA is made out of the same DNA as the tree, the tree breaths what we exhale, we need what the tree exhales. So we have a common destiny with the tree. We are all from the earth, and when earth, the water, the atmosphere is corrupted then it will create its own reaction. The mother is reacting. In the Hopi prophecy they say the storms and floods will become greater. To me its not a negative thing to know that there will be great changes. Its not negative, its evolution. When you look at it as evolution, it's time, nothing stays the same.You should learn how to plant something. That is the first connection. You should treat all things as spirit, realize that we are one family. Its never something like the end. Its like life, there is no end to life”

-Floyd Red Crow Westerman

A thank you to Cece DuBois for presenting this quote.