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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Family Guy Table Read

Pushing the envelope....the Family Guy abortion episode was rejected by FOX but approved for production as DVD "extra." A warning that the subject matter and language may offend (it's "Family Guy" after all). You will find video of a "table read" and interview from Holllywood Reporter at:

How have our feelings about what is proper and improper changed? Who sets the standards? How many of George Carlin's "Seven Words You Cannot Say on Television" are still not allowed on network TV? On commercial cable? On pay cable? What about children and teenagers exposure? How has society changed as a result of TV or has TV simply reflected a change in society?

A very strong language advisory if you look up Carlin's famous performance,(LANGUAGE ADVISORY ON THIS LINKwhich can be found on YouTube and other sites, as all of the 7 words are used in the stand-up. No offense intended nor a reflection of my own views or language use. Open communication and discourse are intended by providing a suggestion of where to find George Carlin's most famous "monologues"

First Published 8-13-09