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Friday, July 16, 2010

Jobs Announces Free Cases for iPhone IV

Apple will provide all consumer who purchased iPhone IV and 
anyone who buys it after today with a free protective case to
eliminate the reception problem identified by Consumer Reports.

The iPhone ranked highest in all categories in Consumer Report 
recommended" status due to the problem
caused by the exterior antenna.

Not everyone agrees with Consumer Reports. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that many consumer actually claim 
that the iPhone IV, without a case, has better reception 
than their previous cell phones. Other tests have been inconclusive. 

That said, the reality is that the exterior antenna design, 
which Jobs loved, was called into question early on in the 
design process internally at Apple. Other studies showed, 
as Jobs bragged at the launch, an improvement in signal 
due to the exterior design. These test were not done with 
human testers in the field, but on machines. The reason 
was the extreme secrecy about the design, aimed at 
keeping potential rip-off designers behind the curve.

Sources: NPR, Las Vegas Review Journal, Wall Street Journal, New York Times.

On Camera Acting Class.

Auditions are on-camera. Your craft is on-camera. Shouldn't you learn and practice the skills needed for auditioning and performing on-camera? Starting July 30th, a limited number of students will be accepted for Casting Call Entertainment's 6-week on-camera acting workshop, taught by a veteran on both sides of the camera, Art Lynch.

Actors need to impress both in person and on camera. There are differences in techniques and scale. Framing, scale, believability and marketability are among topics to be discussed and on camera exercises for the class.

Class size is limited to assure on camera time. Participants must commit to attend all 6 sessions.

Art Lynch was trained and is a veteran of theater and commercial work in the birthplace of improvisation, Chicago. He has taught professionally for over 20 years, including having been one of the coaches for Sean Flaherty of Casting Call Entertainment.

Classes Start July 30th, so call and sign up now!

For this or other courses though 
Casting Call Entertainment 
call 702-369-0400.

I believe there is a $99 special for one course, ten hours plus hours of class time a month. I teach proudly for Casting Call Entertainment, but am not directly affiliated in ownership or commissions. I offer what I can for a stipend to help actors develop, provide a safe environment to workout and develop their crafts. The release above is written by and from Casting Call Entertainment. Please consider this class or refer others who may benefit from it. Thank you. -Art Lynch

Made in China

Did anyone notice that most of the tiny and even large American Flags used on the Fourth of July have fine print that they are "made in China"?