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Monday, July 5, 2010

Self Promotion and Communication

Selling yourself is a key tool in business and in life, yet too many people sell with BS and spread their feathers like peacocks, making employers, friends and strangers wary of any claim. Celebrity and title are also highly overrated, yet used in our society in making decisions or deciding what to believe.

Be aware of why and how you award Ethos (credibility) to others, and of the true merit behind your own Ethos.

In a computer age false claims are discovered, mistakes blown out of proportion and bad news travels at the speed of light.

Old Facebook, You Tube and other computer postings can remain in cyberspace forever and be discovered by others at any time. Your e-mail is considered a public document no matter how private you may think it should be, and could surface in court or in a professional information search.

Plus the computers and e-communications connects us as never before, so a false claim may be discovered through the network or experiences of the very person you are making the claim to.

So, keep it positive, keep it short an keep it true.

But do sell yourself for who and what you are or you may be bypassed for someone who has far fewer qualifications than you.

Learn oral and written communication skills. Study the communication model. Understand business and interpersonal communications. Observe group dynamics and interaction.

Be honest and understand how the system works.

Fall 2010 Tentative Teaching Schedule: Art Lynch

For those who like a small and social class, Boulder City is only fifteen minutes from the Henderson Campus and meets only once a week. I also may (subject to change) have back to back classes in the same room at 9:30 and 11 AM Tuesdays and Thursdays.


HN 114
B 213
Art Lynch

HN 116
B 213
Art Lynch

  BC 550            06:00P            Tues               BC 108           Art Lynch

Tentative Teaching Schedule for Art Lynch

Fall, 2010 CSN

HN 114 9:30-10:50 TR B 213
HN 116 11A-12:20P TR B 213
BC 550 6-8:50P T BC 108

*My schedule is subject to change up to the first day of class. The most likely to be given to another faculty member is 112, followed by 114. Contact the office the Thursday prior to start of the term to confirm who is teaching your section.

I will also be teaching Oral Communications at Emerson College Monday and Wednesdays from 6 AM to 8 AM (yes, early morning!).

Acting Students contact me at

Thank you for referring students to sign up for my sections.

-Art Lynch