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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obama offers a 4-point plan for wireless bandwidth

"The president supports a voluntary approach, one in which people are only giving up the amount of spectrum they are using if it is something they want to do based on the compensation they are getting ... [the memorandum] is not endorsing mandatory. The whole philosophy is win-win-win." The official said the administration is confident sufficient spectrum can be obtained voluntarily.

The White House on Monday gave its endorsement to an FCC proposal that would open up 500 MHz of underused spectrum owned by the government and commercial companies. Suggestions about what spectrum should be freed up are due by October 2010. "CEA applauds the president's plan to liberate underutilized broadcast spectrum as part of an overall goal of deploying 500 MHz of spectrum to solve our nation's broadband crisis," CEA President Gary Shapiro said of the government's decision to speed up the process. Broadcasting & Cable (6/28) , Multichannel News 

Disaster Emergency Drill Needs Actors: Help Your Community

This will be fun, memorable, a chance to meet people and a way to help make our communities safe.

The Las Vegas and North Las Vegas Fire Detartments are having a major "Mass Casualty Drill" with the city Fire Dept. It's July 6, 7, 8, 12, 21 & 22 from 830pm to midnight each night.

The city is looking for volunteers, ages 18+ (people who will "emote" and help fulfill the demands of the drill) who would be willing to portray VICTIMS in the drill.

This really helps benefit the Fire Dept. in case of a real disaster.

If you are interested, or if you would like more information on how you can volunteer for this project, please contact:

CHIEF TAYLOR at (Office 633-2250), (Cell 325-7685),


CAPTAIN WARD at (Office 633-1120), (Cell 237-1830), email:

PLEASE FORWARD THIS INFO to anyone you think might be interested.

Thanks for the consideration and the City of Las Vegas thanks you as well.

Oil corruption should be checked

Guest Editorial by Warren Hale, former CSN student now University of Nebraska journalist, reprinted from Daily Nebraskan:

Crude oil is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico at a consistently alarming and under-inflated rate; one of the worst environmental catastrophes in American history which exacerbates the nation and the world. And with the repeated ham-fisted failure of those responsible for insuring that the damage to the coast is minimized, American anger festers.

Big Oil—in damage control mode—has launched a blitzkrieg of AM radio commercials to remind Americans not to fret about this one-in-a-million blunder and, more importantly, not to retire their car keys and discontinue driving. BP has promised to do all in its financial might to right what went wrong — and we are, of course, supposed to take them at their word even though they have been lying from the get-go of this crisis. President Barack Obama has demanded and received “collateral” in the form of a $20 billion escrow account for the initial loss of earnings to local area businesses and employees—much to the odd and predictable chagrin of the far right. And cue Congress; always sternly present after a crisis like a wrinkled shark who has just smelled blood, eager to cast blame upon everyone and everything but themselves. The inevitable whack-a-mole knee-jerk by Congress ought to focus on two things: regulation and corruption.