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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friendlier names for nerds

Are you a snerd, Peabody, Bengy or Plato? These are all words suggested on NPR's Science Friday as alternatives to the now considered derogatory term "Nerd. Snerd is short for Sexy Nerd. A Peabody is names after Mr. Peapody the scientist dog on "Rocky and Bullwinkle. Bengy is short for the nationals best known gentleman amateur scientist, Benjamin Franklin. Plato they took from the philosopher and the host of the show Ira Flatow. For the audio click here.

My wife's  response was since when was nerd a good work anyway?

And most of those who were spoken to prior to the program feel that the word "nerd" should be kept since it is both lovable and derogatory depending on context or person.

If go to the "Science Friday" web site (link above), you can vote for your favorite.