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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Op-Ed Columnist - When Greatness Slips Away -

Op-Ed Columnist - When Greatness Slips Away -

An op ed worth reading. Your feedback is valued.

Darrell Wayne is gone, RIP

Darrel Wayne, has passed away today 6/22/10 12:30pm.

Laura and I first met Darrel when he was selling typewriters and attending Joe Behar's Community Drama Workshop.  A good man to the core, who overcame many physical challenges, we both mourn his loss to cancer.

Word came through friends and the VIP's.

Obama Administration supported in Intelectual Property Fight


LOS ANGELES – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), Directors Guild of America (DGA), International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, Its Territories and Canada (IATSE), and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) today released the following statement:

“As the Guilds and Unions representing more than 300,000 workers in the entertainment and media industries, we are very pleased that the Obama Administration, in today’s release of the Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement, underscored that intellectual property protection supports good jobs with high wages and strong benefits across all industries, especially in the highly creative industries in which our members work.  The plan also clearly conveys the Administration’s recognition that strong enforcement of intellectual property rights promotes innovation and that intellectual property infringement undermines our country’s national and economic security.

“Internet theft is not a victimless crime as some would like policymakers to believe.  It has a direct and very real impact on our members’ livelihoods, their pension and health plans, and their ability to work now and into the future.  Internet theft has become a big money-making business that is, like other threats to cyber-security, a threat to the strength of this country and the well-being of its citizens.

“As the Administration recognizes and states explicitly in the plan, the Internet should not be used as a means to support criminal activity, and therefore all participants in the supply chain - not just content providers, but also ISPs, advertising brokers, payment processors and search engines -  must play a role in stopping online theft.

“We also agree with the Administration that foreign websites that infringe upon US intellectual property rights are a large and growing problem, and especially complicated because they fall outside of U.S. jurisdiction.  We believe that both foreign and U.S.-based sites pose a significant problem, and look forward to working with the Administration as it develops a coordinated and comprehensive plan to address this issue.

 “We commend White House Intellectual Property Coordinator Victoria Espinel for developing the initial roadmap on how the U.S. government will protect one of its greatest resources – the intellectual property that comes from the creativity of American minds.  We also value the clear vision and steadfast commitment of Vice President Joe Biden to shepherding this process from the start and to protecting hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country.

“Important as this report is, we recognize that a great deal of hard work lies ahead and that the implementation of these recommendations is the critical next step. We look forward to continuing a dialogue and working with the Obama Administration to this end.”

Mission From God

Art Lynch "Blues Brothers" is now on the Vatican's list of recommended films for Catholics. "I'm on a mission from God." True. I heard it on NPR so it must be true!

Digital Divide, Hollywood and a new pyridine

This is one of few actual blog rambling entries you may find on this web site. It travels non-linear across ideas.

Funding and accessibility study by the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation found that internet access up, technology better, and access better.

Yet the divide is not shrinking.

Libraries and community centers are often mentioned by those who say there is no divide, but those face reduced hours, lower purchase and update budgets, and smaller staffs. 82% of libraries are the only free providers for their community. But budgets are down 15% and plans for community free wifi have been overtaken by subscription based options as cash strapped municipalities seek "private-public partnerships" regardless of how this may limit access.

In addition home access is not increasing as people rely on work or other outside sources, including cell phones.

With cell phones comes Internet lite, with no where near the speed, accessibility and content of the full Internet. In addition carriers, starting with AT&T, will start to charge by use instead of flat rates.

Among the young most use the Internet for text messaging, instant messaging, Facebook and for those who are behind the curve, e-mail. Playing video games falls somewhere in that list as well. hardly the optimum use of the World Wide Web.

Digital Divide remains real.

Creative differences are changing the world forever.

The difference between Hollywood and most live theater around the country. Everything is being about money in Hollywood, greed and profit, not about art, culture and society. I guess I come from a theater as service for others and art background.

Yet that is shrinking as the "Hollywood" mentality starts to seep into the dreams, expectations and very fabric of a generation of would be actors and performers raised on television and the non-reality of video games.

The art will continue, but for how much longer and in what forms?

Hollywood itself is changing.

Major Hollywood agencies are seeking outside equity and expansion into areas that are not traditionally agency turf. That means a potential battle with the unions, who look upon agents as working for their members not as schools, production companies or wings of soup to nuts one stop industry entities..

The business is looking at new ways to make money, including closing the windows on new releases before DVD's or Internet. Paramount will offer first run movies in four or fewer weeks through Red Box for a buck. Red Box does offer "back catalog" and "classic" films (meaning older popular, not quality).

A whole new pyridine is in the works.

Meanwhile I am here, with low funds and a shifting self image, making do with the gifts God gave me and my own passion of helping others. The adage that those who can do "do" and those who cannot "teach" is false, made up by people who like to put others into boxes, lists and feel better about themselves.

I teach because I love it and I believe in those I offer my help, for whatever it is worth, to.

I teach as an adjunct through the College of Southern Nevada, coach acting for almost nothing through a service oriented for profit business an through a local park district. I do it for love. I do it to pass on what I can. I do it for the joy of watching others grow, and in some cases really succeed at their dreams! Or in areas they do not even know are ahead of them.

I follow the industry with a passion. I serve with great pride on the board of the Screen Actors Guild. I suffer others thinking it is pure ego or that there is some sort of power or connections through the position (the opposite is true because we serve without pay and often have to say or do things that are not popular with others on the board or with the industry). I have been told I "run the branch" by people who have no idea how powerful paid staff is or how limited a board member, or for that matter their own positions, really are. My Screen Actors Guild experience, the hours of reading, study, meetings, teleconferences and thought that go into it without pay or any career or monitory compensation, is for all those I teach, those I coach and to keep my mind sharp, young and challenged.

I do not understand or support those who seek perceived power or status for their egos. Sure, I want to be known, but I have known enough people who are wealthy or famous and neither buys happiness. In fact the opposite is often true.

I choose to raise a family in Las Vegas, which left me rooted here without the resources to jump off the deep end and swim with the sharks of the industry. I'll admit that. I am basically shy, which very few people believe, and prefer behind the scenes to the spotlight.

Although I do love being on stage, on the screen or in front of my students.

I am adapting to digital, but at the same time keenly aware that not everyone is digital saavy or skilled.

This blog is a way for me to reach out, share, offer what I can and provide a service.

People assume the worst That's the ill nature of our society today. I do not make money off any of my web sites, am not in the business of selling, or driven by the ego that so many project upon me.

So back to the core of my being, as recorded on the first page of my actual home web site:

There is aptitude and there is talent. Both can be developed to meet personal, community, and professional needs.  

How good you are, how skilled, how studied depends entirely on how much you want to put into it. 

This web site, links, and the courses I teach, are intended to help you to meet your needs, to help you make your dreams come true...

I welcome your ideas, feedback or contributions.

Hopefully this will lead to a pyridine in how you view Art Lynch, or my work, or this blog.

Thank you;
Art Lynch

3D or not 3D part III

3D pulling fewer dollars per film

Could it be that the novelty is wearing off? Could 3D be just another flash in the pan or another way for Hollywood to milk increasing amounts of money out of theater goers?

Reports from the first half of the year show a drop from the "Avatar" explosion despite increased screens. The glasses themselves have been called into question as potentially damaging depth perception, causing headache or just being less than comfortable Increased ticket prices helped booste the all important box office, but actual theater attendance has declined in the first half of 2010. 

Variety reports on another tren tin 3D....canabalism:

The 3D crunch is hitting the domestic summer box office, as this weekend's boffo opener "Toy Story 3" marks the third consecutive 3D opening -- and 3D toon -- to earn a lower percentage of its gross from 3D venues than previous such offerings.

Actual weekend figures for the Disney/Pixar toon came in at $110.3 million, slightly ahead of Sunday's estimates, with 60% of the weekend's gross from 3D screens.
The toon's 3D grosses were 11% less than Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" opening, which earned 71% of its $116.1 million opening from 3D.

With "Alice" just three weeks into its domestic run, Paramount and DreamWorks Animation's "How to Train Your Dragon" then bowed March 26 with 68% from 3D, followed by "Shrek" on May 21 with a 62% 3D share.

Why the falling 3D shares? According to some B.O. observers, it's mostly due to the 3D screen crunch causing competition among toons -- but it's also possible fami-lies are beginning to question the necessity of buying 3D tix on opening weekends.

Some insiders question whether families are willing to pay 3D upcharges of several dollars each for the entire family -- especially when the youngest tykes have trouble keeping glasses on. In response to concerns about adult-sized glasses, 3D provider RealD launched a line of kid-sized 3D glasses made available in conjunction with the launch of "Toy 3." The glasses are designed to fit children aged 8 and younger.

Full story at (subscription may be required, students try through your school library system).
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Avatar II

CSN links

I am an adjunct instructor of Communication at the College of Southern Nevada (see links to the right in this blog) with additional work in Communication or Theater at Everest College, various private acting schools, the Boulder City Park District and UNLV.

Whichever school you attend, I am sure apathy is high. I strongly support students keep on top of events and activities at their school. It will make college much more rewarding.

-Art Lynch

CSN is the backbone of the state's dynamic growth and prosperity. 
More than a million students have passed through our college doors on their way to a new future.

CSN is committed to open access with no admission requirements 
and as a result, we account for over 40% of the students in Nevada colleges and universities.

CSN is the largest college in Nevada and the fourth largest of our type in the nation.

CSN is the most diverse higher education institution in the state, 
with no ethnic majority. We also attract students from 
48 states, 1 U.S. territory and 59 contries.

CSN offers over 220 degrees and certificates 
with 27 of them available entirely online.

CSN associate degree will earn an average of $44,000 a year, 
or 37% more than a resident with only a high school diploma.

CSN instructors teach over 3,000 courses per semester 
in more than 125 fields of study.

CSN is only one of three institutions in the nation 
to offer a baccalaureate degree in dental hygiene.

CSN offers you flexibility - 
74% of our students attend part-time, 
27% are enrolled in evening classes and 24% take at least one online course.

CSN routinely produces the most nurses out of any public or private institution
in the state with 40% of Nevada's nurses trained at CSN.

At CSN, the average class size is 21 and the student to faculty ratio is a low 29 to 1. 
Our students range in age from 15 to 93.

Competing since 1999, Our Coyote Baseball Team was the 
2003 NJCAA National Champion and has been the SWAC Regular Season Champion
 each year while also capturing the Region XVIII Championship in 2008. 

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Unicorn Meat is not "the other white meat"

Pork Lobby Sends Cease & Desist Over Unicorn Meat

Pork Lobby Sends Cease & Desist Over Unicorn MeatThe National Pork Boardsent a cease & desist order today, claiming infringement on the phrase "the other white meat," by nerd storeThinkGeek, which uses the trademarked tagline to describe sparkle-spam gag gift "Unicorn Meat."
Unicorn meat isn't white so much as rainbow-swirl sparkle-poo hued, anyway.