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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gibbons become first Nevada Governor to lose his own party's nomination for a second term

Governor Jim Gibbons is blaming the economy and his standing by his very strong conservative beliefs for a solid loss in his attempt to gain the Republican Party's nomination for Governor. He is the first sitting governor to lose a bid for reelection within his own party. He is also the first sitting governor to lose his reelection bid in this anti-incumbent year, despite his conservative fiscal policies and being in the party benefitting from the tide against Democratic policies.

Of course Gibbons also was caught in sexual scandals, did not control even the Republicans in the state legislature and was responsible for deep cuts in the high education, K-12 and workers retraining programs in the state. He cut social services and championed the end of "feel good" positions like hospitals, social workers, unemployment, cultural events and even parades.

My own best memory that accounts for why he lost tonight. He changed the locks at the governors mansion before he served divorce papers on his wife Dawn. He fought her being on state grounds, but had to give her a guest house under court order, where she could see him entertaining his women friends (he maintains and it could well be true that they were only friends).

Brian Sandaval will take on Democrat Rory Reid (Senator Harry Reid's son) for the statehouse in November.

Angle vs Reid for Senate 2010

Let the election begin, as a candidate so right wing her campaign material does not say "Republican" but "Conservative",  and whose victory speech was a chain of Tea Party one liners, takes on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his US Senate seat.

Money is high, as out of state media has drawn huge out of state money for whomever takes on Reid. Fox news is using air time way beyond what any candidate can buy to undermine Reid in Nevada and support his opponent. A FOX news contributor and conservative Chicago (not a Nevadan) talk host introduced Angle at the Republican Victory Party. She was backed by a wall of white, mostly elderly and middle ages faces with a larger than population norm of blond hair. That's what the color of the Tea Party seems to be (except for token speakers, none of whom were there for her celebration). Angle then refused interviews with local media, concentrating on national reporters and then saying her voice was worn out and she had to get to a private victory party.

In other words, what Nevadans think does not matter.

Polls paid for by a conservative Republican organization an a Republican newspaper were widely used on national media showing Reid behind or at best statistically even (numbers always against Reid) while people on the street seem to lean Reid.

What could happen, however, is that the anti-incumbent mood of the nation and the state, could end the most powerful Nevadan ever at the national level, someone who had fought for and stood up for the state from day one.

The following comes from multiple sources, but in full disclosure they include the Democratic Party, Republican candidate literature used by those she ran against and "the Wrong Angle" web-site.

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Friends for Harry Reid
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Former President Bill Clinton

Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Medical Marijuana March for sanctioned safe access 11 am - Friday June 11th - 2010

Press Release of interests, not an endorsement by this blog:

We will be meeting at The Happiness Consultant’s parking lot at 11am
810 east Sahara avenue Suite 3, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Nevada Question 9 was on the November 7, 1998 election ballot in Nevada. It passed, with 57.8% of voters in favor.

Nevada Question 9, also known as the Medical Marijuana Act, was on the November 7, 2000
election ballot in Nevada as an
initiated constitutional amendment, where it was approved.
Yes: 381,947 (65.38%) No: 202,211 (34.62%)


Sec. 38.  Use of plant of genus Cannabis for medical purposes.
1.  The legislature shall provide by law for:
(e) Authorization of appropriate methods for supply of the plant to patients authorized to use it.

We want sanctioned safe access now!
Come join us june 11th

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