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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Are DVD's DOA?

Are DVD's dead?

If Walmart is the leader in retail, and it is, than the answer may be "yes". Walmart is set to shift from it's position of being the top retailer of DVD and Blue Ray in the world to the products being a minor afterthought.

Already Virgin Records and other major CD/DVD/Blue Ray distributors have closed their doors, or scaled back in major ways as the recesssion and a rise in on-line delivery eat into physical media sales and rentals.

So goes Walmart, so goes retail.

Already Blockbuster, Amazon, Walmart, TiVo, Apple and others are banking on the future being computer on-line generated downloads or live feeds like On Demand and Hulu. Blue Ray may remain as a data storage vehicle of choice to backstop on-line cloud storage of files, programs and information.

The new "information age" is already beginning.