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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Scales of Justice Must Be Balanced For All Citizens…

Lady Justice represents the moral force behind our judicial system. Her scales are not meant to tilt left or right. Justice is not the purview of one political party or movement, for it is neither liberal nor conservative.  It is the balance of our laws and constitutions weighed against the facts of each particular situation. Justice should always be balanced and fair, in the middle, and free of political or powerful influences. -Craig Friedberg

1,000,000 People Who Want to Plug the BP Oil Spill with Sarah Palin


Presented in fun, as are most of these Facebook "groups". Rebuttal, non-caustic comments and other postings are welcome. Hit "comment" below, or send to this address.

Sometimes, disaster calls for thinking outside the box. A radical departure from the norm, if you will.

And sometimes, the ability to shift your view, to change the paradigm, to think far beyond the conventional wisdom, gives you the opportunity to alter more than one mistake and give dual purpose - in other words, killing two birds with one stone.

Now, we have been presented with the opportunity to not only plug the worst oil spill in U.S. history, but also the opportunity to finally find a purpose for Sarah Palin the erstwhile former Vice-presidential candidate and current $100,000 a gig convention speaker.

Ms. Palin's "Drill Baby Drill" showed her drive and initiative, and we have no doubt that when we hit one million people, she'll show her resolve, and take one for the team, doing what no one else on earth has been able to do - stop the BP Oil spill disaster by allowing herself to be the plug that ends the 798,000 gallon-a-day leak that threatens to destroy our coasts.

Help stop the BP Oil leak!

Sun publisher, family matriarch Barbara Greenspun dies at 88

Hank and Barbara Greenspun are shown in this undated photo. Barbara, the matriarch of the Greenspun family, died Tuesday at the age of 88. The Las Vegas Sun provides an obituary on its co-founder, and publisher, Barbara Greenspun: click here.

For those who were not around, the Sun was the largest daily morning newspaper in the state prior to a series of setbacks (a fire, recession and shifts to cable and broadcasting), when the Sun was moved to the afternoon by a Joint Operating Agreement with the Las Vegas Review Journal, and eventually a free standing (editorially) insert in the Review Journal. Meanwhile the Greenspuns developed Green Valley, built and later sold a state of the art cable system for the entire valley, launched a Pulitzer Prize winning on-line news source and partnered with channel 8 in multi-format news delivery (Las Vegas One included).

Donations can be made in Barbara’s memory to the Las Vegas Sun Summer Camp Fund.