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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Never Forget

Easy Rider, Rebel and Friend

Spirit of the 60' and friend to SAG Branches leaves us at 74

Dennis Hopper, creative director of CineVegas film festival and credited (along with film incentives) of turning New Mexico into "Hollywood East" died of prostate cancer this morning in Los Angeles. He was supportive of SAG branches and made a point of becoming a part of the local community in any town he called home, regardless of how long or how short a period of time. The spirit he will be remembered for is best embodied in his home "town" at the time of his death, "Venice Beach, CA".

"What are they going to say about me when I'm gone..." rant posted by former SAG National President Melissa Gilbert ("Little House"): Dennis Hopper's Drug Crazed Rant in Apocalypse Now : R.I.P. Dennis!

From the LA Times:
Known best for his pioneering film "Easy Rider," Dennis Hopper died Saturday of prostate cancer at the age of 74 in his home in Venice Beach.
Hopper, who made his debut opposite James Dean in the classic "Rebel Without a Cause" in 1955, reached a younger generation decades later with roles in "Apocalypse Now," "Hoosiers" and "Blue Velvet."
A talented writer, director, actor, artist and producer, the edgy Hopper struggled with drugs and alcohol in the '80s to the point where he admitted to indulging in "a half a gallon of rum with a fifth of rum on the side, 28 beers and three grams of cocaine a day — and that wasn't getting high, that was just to keep going, man." Throughout his celebrated career, the versatile and influential actor appeared in more than 115 films opposite legends from James Dean, John Wayne and Jack Nicholson.
Dennis Lee Hopper (May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010
BornDennis Lee Hopper
May 17, 1936
Dodge CityKansas, U.S.
DiedMay 29, 2010 (aged 74)
VeniceCalifornia, U.S.
OccupationActor, director, artist
Years active1955–2009
Spouse(s)Brooke Hayward (1961–1969)
Michelle Phillips (1970)
Daria Halprin (1972–1976)
Katherine LaNasa (1989–1992)
Victoria Duffy (1996–2010)