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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Your phone is spying on you

Your telephone can tell police, friends, marketers, private detectives, the government and even foreign spys where you are, who you called, the messages you text, the e-mail you use on the phone, your net surfing history and even your purchase history.

All Things Considered from NPR featured privacy and the telephone as the third part of their week long series on how technology is robbing us of privacy. The series, and much more, is archived at

Watch out for networking on the Internet, including Facebook, and the Data Mining.

Nothing is safe or private anymore.

Also see: the End of Privacy, Can cell phones bring literacy to Africa, the dark side of communication, and review the basic communication model.

First run October 16, 2009, updated since

Hulu to charge for access

From SAGWATCH (use title for link).

Hulu Now Profitable (according to Variety), But…

Let’s say they’re right (not always a safe assumption, we know.) Hulu’s supposedly going subscription, and cable companies are cutting deals with Verizon and Comcast to make the product you buy at home available to you online, though pricing isn’t clear – and it certainly presents problems in figuring out how to calculate an appropriate residual.

The article in Variety also confirms that the bosses have figured out (what took them so long?) that giving away content online doesn’t produce the kind of revenue that selling advertising on air or cable does. To support this Variety has quotes from more execs at the Cable Show in Los Angeles we told you about earlier this week.