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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Get Validated

I highly recommend these films, both are previous winners at the Dam Short Film Festival and winner of many short film awards around the world. The You Tube video has well over three million views.

I have two versions of each film linked below. The non-youtube versions are linked to the titles and are a bit cleaner to view.

So, take a few minutes, kick back, and get "Validated".

Then follow it up with "Rent A Person" by the same film making team. This second film is a musical featuring the hit "It's Lonely in the Rest Room."

I have no connection with the film, other than enjoying them. I hope you will too.

Conservative Utah Senator kicked out of primary for not being Conservative enough!

"The political atmosphere obviously has been toxic."

Conservative Republican Sen. Bob Bennett was thrown out of office Saturday because he was not conservative enough to fit the new Tea Party dominated Utah Republican Party.   He was tossed out by delegates at the Utah GOP convention and denied a slot in the upcoming Republican Primary.

He will not be on the ballot in the primary much less November to hold a fourth term in office, but will serve until the new Congress is sworn in.

Just in time for the "Lusty Month of May", it's Camelot again.

Julie Andrews Sings!

Tonight Dame Julie Andrews returns to the London stage for the first time in thirty years. The amazing part is that the musical star of "My Fair Lady", "Sound of Music", and "Camelot" will be singing, something dotors said she would never do again after a botched throat operation on a non-cancerous tumor. NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday has the story as only the show's host can tell it...