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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wear this shirt

In response to the heinous bill signed into law by AZ Gov. Jan Brewer, we decided to send the Arizona government a message: RACIAL PROFILING IS WRONG AND RACIST!
Your donation of $15 get you this limited edition Cuéntame T-shirt and will also ALLOW Cuéntame to produce a SERIES OF VIDEOS AND ACTIONS exposing the AZ government in their attempt to institutionalize a Latino persecution.   

If you have any questions please contact Mikaela.

Of if you prefer, stencil the mssage on a T Shirt....
Get the message out!

They are watching you

The information/communication age has a dark side

 To err is human, to forgive divine.

That very Christian sentiment is all but lost in today's society, where a Google search, a Lexis-Nexis or any number of other computer searches will turn up information and in many cases “dirt” on your next door neighbor going back to their birth.

It’s no longer a question of the value of the information, or even the date.

We are use to and even seek out news about politicians, attacked with quotes or actions or political stands from months, years and even decades before. Any wrong step or old viewpoint can and will surface in damaging ways.

How many of us realize that when we apply for a job, a loan, a home or membership in a new organization, our background is data mined, and any information that they find can and legally must be taken into account in decisions about our future, our life.  They can be sued if they ignore information they have asked for, and therefore seen.

KNPR’s Talk of the Nation interviewed the author of “Delete”, a book about our data histories and information trail. In the course of the interview a woman called in who was denied employment because many years before she had posed for inappropriate photographs. A man found out his employer had a history of fraud and scams, so he quit his job.

What information should be kept and shared?

How can we keep or lives from being brutally public?

Add to this the reality that most home computing will in the near future be done on super fast machines in far away parts of the globe with only an interface at home or a portable device, similar to an iPhone or laptop, and access to private information may become every day and easy for most everyone.

Today the most advanced access involves expensive paid subscriptions to services such as Nexis-Lexis or other highly intrusive search software and corporate services. But in the future access may be easy and perhaps free for everyone from any computer or interface device.

(First published 4/29/2010)

Live from New York at the Your local Cineplex, or on your laptop

Why would people go to the movie theater to watch liver theater telecast in HD?

They are doing it, and on computers and on DVD. Each year more people "go to the theatre" via video or film than in person.

There are several reasons.

The high cost of mounting professional theater productions is one, with ticket prices escalating and venues closing.

Another is that we live in a celebrity society, where audiences are willing to pour out money to see stars or top performers but not willing to pay even far less just to see the same production with other professional actors.

Still another is that education has cut back on arts spending and children are no longer taken to the live theater by their parents or by their school. They do not experience it and therefore do not miss live theater, much preferring their iPod, X-Box and televisions.

KCRW's Theater Talk this afternoon featured a look at current and future video theater experiences, and how they may just build a new audience for live theater and bring back the boom years. The program is posted on line on a delayed basis, so it should show up within one week of today at

Right Wing forces Golden Boy Crist out of Republican Party

Florida Governor, and up until today 2012 Republican Darling in the GOP race for the presidency, Charlie Crist, has left he Republican party and says he will run for the US Senate as an independant.

"I haven't supported an idea because it's a Republican idea or a Democratic idea. I support ideas because I think they're good ideas for the people,"

Under attack from the Tea Party (if it is a party at all) and the far right in his own party, for among other thngs a photo of him literally embracing President Obama, the moderate to conservative Republican was behind in the primaries in his own party due to the right wing swing within the Republican Party.

While he has a shot as an Independent, the Republican policy of turning a cold shoulder on any candidate who supports anyone but a Republican or the Republican platform, will mean little or no support from his former party, and he is considered too conservative for most Democrats to support.

Crist supports President Obama's bail out plan as needed for his tightly strapped and depressed state. A s a "hands across the isle, but stick to what you believe is right for the people" Republican he was facing the same well financed attack from the right as former Republican candidate for the presidency, John McCain, faces in Arizona, and other "moderate" Republicans face in states including Utah, Kentucky and New Hampshire.

Bring it on!

The views and opinions...

This blog is public and open to all input, students and public, from anywhere in the world. Past students, current students, students of life, and those who simply surf blogs, are encouraged to participate.

It has come to my attention that some of my students may be holding back or even intimidated by this blog, launched due to large section student head counts and a need to connect sections outside of Angel, because they fear that their opinions may impact their grades, or that I am liable to get angry.

Neither is true.

The idea in a communication, public affairs, current affairs, theater or acting course is to be open in your communication, observations and to stay on top of current news, events and updates (defined as "currency" in one course and "recency" in another).

As stated in class, your views and opinions are as valid as anyone else, including me. The differences is the culture, background, life experience, demographics and psychographics of perspective.

Listing skills include in thought, as well as with your ears or other senses. Be open to other views, respond to them, explore and make suggestions.

Guest commentaries, communication lessons and freed-back are welcome from anyone who happens upon or reads this blog.

I am looking forward to your responses to this or any other posting, your own suggested posts and your participation here, on Angel and in the courseroom.

-Art Lynch

Reid slipping against all three Republican hopefuls

The Las Vegas Sun reports that Harry Reid is in serious trouble in his bid for reelection. Two new polls show Reid in trouble, though the numbers are vastly different, which is not surprising so far from the election when accurate reads on voter opinion can be more difficult.

Rasmussen, a polling outfit that Democrats often accuse of leaning to the right, has Republican frontrunner Sue Lowden beating Reid 52-39; lawyer Danny Tarkanian up over Reid 51-41; and, former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle up 48-40; 53 percent say they favor repeal of the health care bill, a sentiment Reid's campaign is clearly trying to combat.

In a Research 2000 poll commissioned by the liberal blog DailyKos, Reid is in better shape, trailing Lowden, Tarkanian and Angle by 4, 2 and 3, respectively. In the GOP primary, Lowden leads Tarkanian by 10.