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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Latest Stats for Las Vegas Economy

The statistics are stacked against Las Vegas: highest foreclosure rate in the nation, 80 percent of homeowners "under water" on their mortgage, half of homes with 25 percent or more negative equity, 16 percent of homeowners delinquent on their mortgage, 13.8 percent unemployment.

Hulu to charge $9.95 a month in "experiment'


Hulu to add $9.95 per month Subscription Fee

The Los Angeles Times says that popular but unprofitable Hulu will start a $9.95 per month subscription “experiment” beginning next month. According to the post Hulu will still give away the most recent five episodes of current shows, but if someone wants to see older episodes they’ll have to be subscribers.
We’d think that the current shows would be the ones people might pay to see…

The Hulu video player displays a scene from "Arrested Development." Credit: Twentieth Century Fox and Imagine Entertainment.

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