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Monday, April 19, 2010

Even Spencer Tracy could not "lick" Kate

Katherine Hepburn Postage Stamp May 12th

The next stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series will honor Katharine Hepburn, one of Screen Actors Guild’s founding members from 1933. SAG honored Hepburn in 1979 with its highest honor, the Life Achievement Award.

The stamp comes out May 12, her birthday. The Hartford born Hepburn was born in 1907.

Whether it was Bogart or Spencer Tracy, or John Wayne for that matter, she always proved a strong foil for her male co-stars. As a glamour queen, aging housewife, strong attorney, hard boiled reporter or headstrong missionary, her performances always made audiences, cry, laugh and applaud. A true star.

The stamp  features a publicity still from the film Woman of the Year (MGM, 1942), photographed by Clarence S. Bull. 

Pictures of stamps above are from U.S. Postal Service.

Celebrity Snapshot

Little Laura Ingalls Wilder from "Little House on the Prairie" grows up. Can you belive the center lady, celebrating with friends, is Melissa Gilbert? Former Screen Actors Guild National President, a good lady, talented actor, devoted wife and mom and not afraid to party! Posted on
Facebook by Melissa, not taken by those paparazzi.

No more remote controls!

The end of the remote control? Smart phones may be able to soon control all of your household appliances with your cell phone. Your one touch screen will work with wifi and/or 3G and/or inferred to turn on and off lights, appliances, your entertainment system, your thermostat and your computer.

I control my computer's iTunes and my televisions iTV using my cell phone, but I use Apple. The new devices will be universal. Unfortunately the process of setting up all your electronics may take hours of point, click and find the right codes and interface, just as setting up a new universal remote control does now.

Another possibility is a an as yet unimagined universal device that either responds to your voice, motions or perhaps your thoughts. Science Fiction can and does become fact.

More on NPR's All Things Considered.

Final Stretch Fest at CSN

As CSN students gear up for finals and the close of Spring 2010 semester, Retention Services and ASCSN Student Government have once again teamed together to offer a fun and educational event to help students prepare for final exams.  This time the event is being held at all three main campus, West Charleston, Cheyenne and Henderson!  The dates are as follows and all will begin this morning from 11:00am – 2:00pm.

·         Today—Tuesday, April 20th – West Charleston, B-Lobby
·         Wednesday, April 21st – Cheyenne, June Whitley Center,
·         Thursday, April 22nd – Henderson, C-Lobby

Representatives from Retention, Recruitment, Tutoring, Counseling and Psychological Services, ASCSN Student Government and others will be at hand to help students benefit from interactive activities.  Students will learn reviewing strategies specifically designed for final exams, time management and balancing life during crunch times, overall test taking strategies, as well as relaxation and unwinding techniques to de-stress.  Students will also have the opportunity to win raffle prizes.

Refreshments will be provided, including Smoothies, courtesy of Smoothie King.

iPad struggles at some colleges

Cisco Systems and other dominant commercial networking systems are designed and engineered by DOS/Windows technicians and therefore have problems with Apple, including iPad, iPhone, iPod and laptops. Colleges have invested heavily in Cisco and are claiming that Apple products, if allowed on their networks, can slow down or even cause major disruptions of their systems. Compression, standardized and often slower wifi networking systems and server space are used as the reasons.

The Wall Street Journal reports that students who arrive at Princeton or George Washington University armed with iPads, iPods and iPhones will find they cannot use them at their schools. The faster of the two wifi systems at CSN requires Cisco compatibility, and excludes Apple.

Most common is that security systems built into DOS/Windows systems are not designed for Apple, so Apple products "may" pose a security risk. At times these systems block Apple or create other problems with the operating system.

Apple's plans to be the leader in the new world of electronic text books, portable internet access and to relaunch its once dominant position in education may be at risk, due to older proprietary systems and the infrastructure companies like Cisco have established.

Despite older networks under its technology, Cisco offers products and applications specific to the iPad and is developing others.

Cisco is working on fixes, as is Princeton, but George Washington says it has no plans to find a middle ground and will select security under their existing system over the new technology iPhones and iPad represent.

Students report, that while it may be difficult to connect to CSN's wifi, iPhones and iPads both work well once they are on-line "but slower than they do at home."