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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Teabonics...this link takes you to a slate of examples of the language of the Tea Party. Click each image to make it larger and leaer how to spell and use proper Tea-grammer.

Thank you to OPRF HS classmate Paul Curtis for this link. First posted 4-11-2010.

Links to information of Persuasive Speaking

Persuasive Design information may be found at:

Remember to select the design that best achieves your goal, as defined by your thesis statement and desired action. Not all designs work well for all potential topics.

What's Your Password?

Passwords are a waist of time. Calculations of the value for a users time show that the more steps we are asked to make in securing information on-line the more it cost us and the less it actually saves.  A Microsoft executive says one minute of collective user time each day equals about 16 billion dollars a year. That means that the society could easily be 16 billion richer if we all spent less time with passwords and protections. The level of sophistication in security attacks increases daily, so we spend more and more time and get increasingly confused (passwords, security codes and extra steps taken to do a transaction). The Microsoft executive says that those who are charged with computer security, including his employer, nee to take on more of the responsibility and take it off the shoulders of end users.

For additional information on this story go to NPR's All Things Considered.