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Monday, March 29, 2010

Thank you Mike Chamberlain for this reference

Art Lynch is and always has been a professional. I have known him personally for over 25 years. In that time he has been a successful marketer, a steadfast supporter of the arts, particularly theater and motion picture arts, an educator, and an announcer. It has been said of great men that when you speak to them you leave feeling that you were the only two people in the room. Art shares some of those talents. Friends and associates great and small can count on his loyalty, and his willingness to work hard on those things that he has committed himself to. If your project requires an honest assessment of it's strengths and it's weaknesses, Art Lynch is someone you want on your team.

Michael Chamberlain
(404) 394-8112

Rolling the Dice on Hollywood

Box Offices futures exchanges will be competing to help investors bet on film futures. If the movie takes in more than expected the investors make money. The idea is a risk transfer mechanism for investors to gamble on movie futures, as they might on other commodities or stocks.

MPAA is worries about insider information leaking and that art or high risk but creative films will lose the income and investment they need to be finances, made and distributed.

Trendex is one of several entertainment exchanges expecting approval this week.

More from Marketplace Money and American Public Radio: click here.

iAds coming to a phone near you (Google and MS Ads not far behind)

Apple is about to escalate the mobile phone battle with Google, but not be releasing a new iPhone. Steve Jobs is set to announce a new advertising platform that customizes ads to the phone user and offers interactive information and purchase direct response features.

Media Post On-line Media Daily reports "The war has been mounting ever since Google introduced its Android mobile operating system to compete with Apple's iPhone, and agreed to acquire mobile ad firm AdMob for $750 million, but it is expected to reach ballistic proportions following Apple's April 7th announcement, which insiders say will be every bit as important as other recent marketplace introductions, including the iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad launches. Aside from the super egos involved -- Jobs vs. Google chief and former Apple board member Eric Schmidt -- the battle is key to the business imperatives of both companies, which have been racing to develop new revenue streams and models to expand beyond their core: in Apple's case, consumer gadgets; in Google's case, search advertising."

In January Apple aquired Quattro, a mobile phone advertising developer, for nearly $300 million. In addition companies have already found the value of developing Apple "Aps", with strong success for Pizza Hut and other "advertisers."

Google's phone advertising system will run on Microsoft and other cell phones, and Microsoft has purchased a mobile phone advertising firm to begins its own line of direct to your cell phone advertising blitz.