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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beware CSN Magazine Scam

Please help advise the public of the following information:
The College of Southern Nevada has been made aware that individuals, falsely claiming to be CSN students trying to raise money for a class trip, have been going door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions. These individuals are misrepresenting themselves as CSN students and are not raising money for College of Southern Nevada programs, scholarships or events.

No Child Left Behind and other Obama agenda items

Sweeping changes to the Bush Era "No Child Left Behind" and reform so other outdated education laws will be presented by President Obama on Monday, according the the New York Times. The following is form the New York Times report:

By announcing that he would send his education blueprint to Congress on Monday, President Obama returned to a campaign promise to repair the sprawling federal law, which affects each of the nation’s nearly 100,000 public schools.

His plan strikes a careful balance, retaining some key features of the Bush-era law, including its requirement for annual reading and math tests, while proposing far-reaching changes. 

The administration would replace the law’s pass-fail school grading system with one that would measure individual students’ academic growth and judge schools based not on test scores alone but also on indicators like pupil attendance, graduation rates and learning climate. 

And while the proposal calls for more vigorous interventions in failing schools, it would also reward top performers and lessen federal interference in tens of thousands of reasonably well-run schools in the middle. 

In addition, President Obama would replace the law’s requirement that every American child reach proficiency in reading and math, which administration officials have called utopian, with a new national target that could prove equally elusive: that all students should graduate from high school prepared for college and a career. 

Meanwhile the President has pushed his desired date for passage of health care reform into April, but remains optimistic that a bill will be on his desk later this spring.

He notes that the oppostion continues to launch television, radio and print advertising and use the Internet to pass on less than truthful inferences about the bill, while refusing to sit down and hammer out compromises that will still achieve some form of meaningful reform.

He notes that Republicans are using Health Care as a political issue looking forward to the November elections rather than taking into account economist and health care professionals who near unanimously agree that if we do nothing, Health Care will not onlly remain the primary cause of a spyraling deficit but bankrupty many americans, cities, counties, states and potentially federal programs.

The question is, since these dire straits could lead to Republican being elected, is that party putting their own seats in congress ahead of the American people and the nation?

The War
Obama remains set on the timetable to pull combat troops out of Iraq. They key word has always been combat, as American troops in some form will remain in support positions there for the foreseeable future, if for no other reason than to retain control of key defensive weapons and held rebuild the infastructure we helped to tear down without invasion and the subsequent "insurgency."