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Friday, February 26, 2010


Photo: Wall Street Journal: ABC News will likely make more use of journalists like Dan Harris. shown above in Nepal in 2008, who gather news with smaller production crews.

"Predator vs. Alien" takes on a whole new meaning if you use the most recent definition of the word "predator."

Predators are television and radio reporters who work as both producer and editor, with "repredator" unofficially meaning a reporter who does it all.

Laptop editing, cell phone and cell phone size DVD and even HD quality video cameras, now make it possible for news to be gathered and delivered by a small, leaner and some may say less qualified team of reporters.

The downside is fewer eyes and ears on the story, fewer minds and an unfiltered self editor status for the primary reporter. How could that be a downside? Simply put the qualifications for being a reporter include appearance, voice, and presentation skills. They may or may not include education, depth of knowledge, research skills, editorial judgement and technical skills for video, computer and editing.

In today's edition Sam Schechner of the Wall Street Journal reports on staff reductions at ABC and CBS are fueling the growth of smaller, leaner news gathering teams and "backpack" reporters.

On a larger, or some may say much smaller scope, local affiliates are finding the stories that once generated national exposure and supplimentle income covered by network reporters who hop no planes, trains and automobiles, or simply use phones and Internet to cover the story and then sell it back to the affiliate.

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