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Friday, February 19, 2010


CSN faces major cuts, possibly as soon as the Governor's special session on Tuesday.

Monday the finance committee meets to discuss how to balance the state budget (as mandated by taxpayer initiatives).

Send your petition to keep tutition affordable and CSN fully financed! Write a note and fire it off to the following four addresses.

Senate List

Majority Leader and Co-Chair of Finance Committee

House List

Speaker of The House

Talking Dictionary

Thank you to Charlie DiPinto for this link to The Talking Dictionary, itself a link to a wide range of references and sources:

Did Station Casino's rape Green Valley Ranch?

Did Station Casino's defraud their partner in Green Valley by sending high rollers, guests, vendors and marketing dollars to wholly owned Red Rocks, deliberately driving Green Valley into Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

The Greenspun Group and their gaming subsidiary are shouting "foul" against Station Casinos. According to a report in the Las Vegas Sun:

"Station Casinos Inc.'s partner in the Green Valley Ranch hotel-casino filed a motion in bankruptcy court Thursday charging Station has breached its management duties under the joint-venture partnership agreement by diverting business to Station's wholly-owned properties. The motion was filed by GCR Gaming LLC. GCR Gaming and the Las Vegas Sun are both owned by the Greenspun family. GCR Gaming and Station have been equal partners in Green Valley Ranch under an agreement dating to March 2000; and also are partners in the Aliante Station hotel-casino in North Las Vegas and in a collection of smaller gaming properties. On Feb. 10, the Station subsidiary that operates the property, GV Ranch Station Inc., filed for Chapter 11 reorganization for reasons that have not been disclosed."

Since July Station Casino's has been in Chapter 13, but excluded their joint properties form that filing. The allegation is that Station Casino's has been routing dollars, employees and other assets away from joint properties to shore up the strength of the fully owed properties. Charges include luring high rollers, actively encouraging guests to stay at other properties, and even making sure prime cuts of meat an quality food go to Red Rock and not Green Valley Ranch.

Let them eat cake

More Americans are going hungry than ever before in history.

The Washington Post reports on a study showing that over 49 million Americans are without dependable access to food. This is not a pitch for food banks, but an actual report from the US Department of Agriculture.

14.5% or close to one in five American households are hungry or have no way of knowing if they will have food when they need it.


We are the breadbasket for the world.

We ship out wheat, rice and other produce to the world.

We have huge amount of corn and other crops rot in silos right here in the US.

Why are there Americans who are hungry?


We no longer build the neighbors barn when it burns down. We no longer give enough to charity and church for them to adequately hurt. Even then those institution use money and food for evangelizing and self gain as often as they reach out in open charity.

And we oppose new taxes or any government intervention when only the government is capable of the scale needed.

Feeding the hungry.

Health care.


Let other people do it.

Keep government out of it.

We can take care of it without government help?

Are we?

But are "the people" doing it and are they truly doing it for all, or for self gain, church growth or just to feel better about themselves?

How can we make sure that in the greatest nation on earth no one dies for lack of food, health care or the love of unknown brothers and sisters?

"Let someone else take care of it."

"It's not our problem."


First Posted November 15, 2009

Very simply said and true. Americans are all selfish bastards, and we're beginning to receive our just dues for being selfish bastards.
Mr. Lynch,

I agree with your sentiment (don't we all at OS? hopefully)...but, it's strange that you say "we oppose government interventionism"? No we don't. In 2009 we have an unprecendented amount of interventionism (insert your favorite spending stat here). And, when I look at the unemployment numbers, or health statistics, or hs grad rates, it doesn't seem like interventionism is working very well!

Fact is, the REASON we struggle so much financially is BECAUSE of the government. We have to borrow billions to pay for this STUPID WAR, we borrow billions to pay for our welfare state...and then who gets hurt when prices are inflated and jobs are cut? Poor people.

One example (of many): the government helps people go to school via student loans...but loans merely drive up the prices of education(any third party payment eliminates any incentive to lower prices) college will be more expensive for those with loans AND more expensive for those that don't have loans! That is interventionism in action.

If you really want to help people you ought to be against interventionism. Be against borrowing for the war. Be against borrowing for our welfare state. Get rid of the insurance companies and the 3rd party payers and run a real free market! And if you do spend money, please, spend it on a factory...don't spend it on golf courses and steel signs that say "stimulus" on them.

We need OTHER people's money coming into our system right now. Interventionism just means we print off OUR OWN money (which we don't have) and pump that into the system. I think a quick look at the numbers would show you how well government interventions have been working.

End the war. End the Fed. End the borrowing. End the interventions.

-David Logan

Obama town hall in Henderson, NV

Remarks by The President At Town Hall Meeting In Henderson, Nevada

Green Valley High School, Henderson, Nevada

February 19, 2010