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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yucca Mountain Shut Down?

UPDATE 2-16-10:
A panel of administrative law judges has ordered the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Department of Energy to suspend licensing of Yucca Mountain as a Nuclear Waste Repository, considered to be another nail in the coffin for Yucca Mountain and a major victory for Nevada US Senator Harry Reid and President Barrack Obama.

South Carolina's governor is protesting the Obama administration's planned termination of the Yucca Mountain Project, including asking his state's attorney general to "pursue every legal action possible" to stop the shutdown. The governor is threatening to sue Congress, the president, the DOE, DOD and the state of Nevada if Yucca Mountain does not become the nation's nuclear waster dump. A copy of his letter and links may be found on the Las Vegas Sun Website, as well as in the Review Journal. The following is the official press release from the governor:

Contact:     Ben Fox

Gov. Sanford, 
State Leaders Urge Obama Administration
and Congress
to Keep Yucca Mountain Commitment

Columbia, S.C. - February 15, 2010 - 
Gov. Sanford will tomorrow join members of the South Carolina Congressional Delegation, 
members of the General Assembly, and other state and local officials in publicly urging  President Obama and Congress to recommit to the near quarter-century bipartisan plan for nuclear waste storage in Yucca Mountain. 
This media availability will take place tomorrow 
(Tuesday, February 16) at 10:00 a.m. 
in the First Floor Lobby of the South Carolina State House.

For more information or directions to this location, 
please contact Ben Fox in the Governor’s Office at 803-734-2100. 

NOTE: Attached please find a letter Gov. Sanford sent to the entire 
South Carolina Congressional Delegation last week, 
as well as to Attorney General McMaster, outlining the Governor’s 
grave concerns with the decision to effectively 
shut down the Yucca Mountain project - 
leaving our state’s existing nuclear waste in limbo.

War over .vegas and dog collars that tweet

Its' war as to who will control the .vegas internet suffix. with Oscar Goodman and the city endorsing one party, while the country endorses the owners of the Las Vegas Sun, the Greenspuns.

The Review Journal has this report:

County backs for Web domain

Clark County commissioners voted Tuesday to endorse in its bid to control the Internet domain suffix ".vegas".

Dubbed a new top-level domain, .vegas would be attached to Web addresses the same as well-known suffixes such as .com and .org.
By backing the Greenspun-owned carrier, commissioners pitted the county against the city of Las Vegas, which agreed two weeks ago to endorse rival bidder Dot Vegas Inc. has offered to pay the county $1.50 for every address registered under .vegas or 10 percent of the gross revenue, whichever is greater. The city would get 75 cents or 10 percent of proceeds from Dot Vegas for every registration.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - ICANN for short - will decide which company gets the domain. Suffixes that use a geographical name require that area's local government to back the applicant.

ICANN must sort out whether the city or county has the greater claim to the suffix.

Some commissioners contend that although Las Vegas is the name of the city, the county has the Las Vegas Strip, where most of the region's gaming revenue is generated.

Contact reporter Scott Wyland at or 702-455-4519.