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Friday, February 12, 2010

Write Science Right

This is my daughters company. No, she is not the lady in the photo or in any of the photo's. She started it with associates while in college. She completed a PhD in Neuroscience and worked with some of the top researchers in her field.

She is always looking for translators, particularly those with backgrounds in science.

She is particularly interested in people with advance degrees, since the company focuses on helping researchers around the world get published, earn their advance degrees and cooperate with othere scientist who do not speak or understand the same languages.

She is always open to referrals, for work or for contractors to work for her.

Her name is Dr. Ann Power Smith.

Don't take dictionaries for granted

Submitted by a student:

How a Spider Changed the English Language: or the birth of the modern English Dictionary

PHP Boulder City

My wife Laura is an MSW and Clinical Social Worker. When people ask why we live in Boulder City there are two answers. The first is that is town is one we always wanted to live in, even since we moved to Nevada in 1984. The second is that she loves her job at the hospital, located less than a mile from our cottage home. The story linked above covers her program. The lady in the photos is Laura's boss. The posters are from a project Laura did with her clients. I am very proud of her!

First appeared August 25, 2009