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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Communication is one of the top priorities of employers and in our everyday lives. These two videos deal with differing aspects in a humorous and uplifting way. I am posting them in hopes you will view them and provide your own feedback, ideas, observations and, if you like, pass them on to others who may need them. Don't worry, they are not religious or preachy in any way.

Validation (Nevada Premiers were at previous Dam Short Film Festivals

Find out why this man is not smiling.


Both of these are by the same director and are well worth the time to watch.

I am very interested in your feedback on these films

First Posted November 10, 2009

Going on now to Saturday in Boulder City!


Join filmmakers Anita and Lee Lanier for a voluteer film festival like no other, dedicated to the town they adopted as home in 2004 this week in scenic Boulder City, gateway to the Hoover Dam.

The Dam Short Film Festival begins today in BC, with movies from morning to midnight for three solid days. Over 113 short films ranging from family to animation, drama to comedy, science fiction to horror and student to seasoned professionals will screen in hour and a half segments. The Review Journals calls it a sweet short festival.

A schedule of films and events is available on the festival's web site.

I suggest the late night for those who like harder edge, and morning and midday for those who would like solid stories or experimental statements with a less sharp edge, make believe violence or language.

A filmmakers round-table takes place Saturday at noon at the Boulder Dam Hotel. On Friday night join filmmakers for a no-host mixer at the Boulder Dam Brewing Company, located across the street from the historic hotel and less than a short block from the Boulder Theater, where the films unreel.

Watch the stars arrive in a small town red carpet way in front of the historic theater on Saturday night, then view the audience favorites winner for each of the festivals categories.

Saturday at 2:45 PM local filmmaker Micheal Toole premiers his second short film, hoping it till join his first aware winning film "Reeling" as a crowd favorite. His "Spotters" is one of six films in the Amusing Associates Drama segment of the festival. Filmed in Las Vegas, Toole wrote and starred in the film, directed by Jeremy Stevermer of San Francisco.

Current News, features, topic of interests from NPR

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Learn from History: a perspective on TV (pt II)

The press and publicity over new media, decline in network television, the rise of the Internet for selective program and video viewing, cell phone videos and even Twitter are made to seem like a new challenge.

But history does repeat itself.

We can learn from and anticipate history.

For example let's go back to 1949....

"Network TV lost vast amounts of money in its early years. It was only because the existing radio networks were willing to subsidize TV that it survived—leaving CBS and NBC at the top of the heap in the '50s and '60s, just as they had been in the '30s and '40s. The old media of today have a similar chance to prosper tomorrow if they can survive the heavy financial losses that they're incurring while they develop workable new-media business models."


First posted 8/22/2009