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Friday, January 29, 2010

Colts picked for Superbowl rings

Date:1/29/2010 9:14:24 PM

I believe the Colts are going to win the Super Bowl for this reason.  I am a Falcons fan and I remember when they made their first Super Bowl against a veteran Bronco's team.  The Falcons talke trash the entire time before the game while the Broncos remained quiet and confident.  The Broncos subsequently took the Falcons out in the back yard and stomped their heads in the ground.  I get the same feeling watching the Saints talk trash while the Colts remain quite and confident.  That is all.  Thanks.

Fencing on Television

Obama went into the lions den, to the people he refers to as the "party of NO."

As president of the United States he met with Republicans from the hill at their Republican Retreat. Unlike previous retreats, this one was televised on cable news channels, each with its own take.

Obama went toe to toe with the Republicans this morning. He held his own. He pointed out that all the venom against the health care bill is against a bill that is almost identical to what Republicans proposed the last time the issues was presented by a US president. Republicans have won the information war, and are winning the internet war, but Obama still feels that common sense and honesty will win out.

Funny he is being painted as a liberal when his actual presidency has been on the conservative side, to the point of alienating the progressives in his own party. He is caught in the rage the country has against Washington, with Republicans as a minority being looked upon as the hope for change.

Disney gears down indy film former giant


Miramax closes its doors

"There will be Giants" but none of them will be Miramax.

Farewell Miramax, proud child of the Weinstein Brothers. Miramax has closed its doors in New York and Los Angeles this morning, finally shut down as a division or Disney in the death tolls of the independent film financing and distribution empires that grew in book of the 1990's. A creative production and distribution giant was named after their mother.

There are five films still in the pipeline that will be released under the Mirmax name over the next two years by Disney.

From Pulp Fiction to Sex, Lies and Video Tape, the legacy is now part of Hollywood history.