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Monday, January 25, 2010

Wise words for the Supreme Court

The first three words of 

the Consititution are 

"We the people" 


"We the corporations".



 - Facebook

-That is the week that was.

- Selling America to the Robber Barrons

-New York Times Editorial

Trapper John, Adam Cartwright and Palmer Cortlandt

Two actors are reported to have passed away, both in their 80's and both influential on three generations of television and stage fans. James Mitchell, whose partriarch dominated 30 years of "All My Children" and Parnell Roberts, the older of the Cartwright sons on 'Bonanza' and the title character in "Mash" spin off "Trapper John, MD".  Blog reports and links by clicking on either name above.

facebook on courts decisions

There is a new Facebook group against the Supreme Court's Decision concerning corporate citizenship and the ability to give money directly to support political candidates, issues and groups.

The photo above was posted on a second Facebook Group titled "Our Corporate Congress". The illustration makes more sense when you consider it was court members, including the Chief Justice, appointed during the Bush administration and Republican congress that argued for tossing out 107 hyears of laws protecting out system from "Robber Barrons" and "Corporate Land Grabs".

See previous postings with links on a week that changes everything, Court gives back to Robber Barrons, and The New York Times Editorial on the decision,