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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is Journalism Dead: a FOX News Perspective,2933,550160,00.html

Fox News writing about the death of journalism is like Lee Harvey Oswald talking about the importance of the presidency. That (and conspiracy theories) aside, the link above is to a Fox story showing their side of the argument.
I do have to note that journalist do not masquerade as commentary.

Apple Tablet and Harper-Collins

On January 27 Apple is expected to reveal a product that does not officially exist, and on which the company has declined to comment, the Apple Tablet.

It's existance is known, as Harper-Collins revealed today in the Wall Street Journal, that it is in development on books and other projects tailored to be used in connection with the device.

On-line reading is experiencing tremendous growth, fueled by Amazon's Kindle and similar products from Sony and others. Textbooks, journals, news media and upcoming e-media are increasing in on-line use because of the lower cost of "publication". In addition a new generation of readers are growing to maturity, one who grew up with computers and quickly adapted to smart phones and other electronic devices.

Apple, meanwhile, is gearing up for rapid expansion in it's iTunes franchise and in new ventures. Apple is in construction on a massive server farm here in the US and another in China. The "farms" or super cloud storage facilities, are geared to deliver music, video, film, books, aps, and games for sale, rent and in freeware.

At this month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, in addition to 3D-TV, headlines were made in the areas of e-readers or e-books, tablet PC's and touch screen "everything." This while Apple officially refused comment on what products it may reveal at Mac World in late January and early February. Other products may include a new generation of iphones, laptops and a home "supercomputer" iMac.

Of course no one knows for sure...except Steve Jobs.

Kudos to Larry David of Senifeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David to reveive WGA achievement award

Larry David to receive the Writers Guild's Paddy Chayefsky Laurel award for television.  Past recipients include David Chase, Stephen J. Cannell, Susan Harris, William Blinn and current WGA West president John Wells.
Larry David already has three WGA awards;  two WGA awards for "Seinfeld" and another for "Curb Your Enthusiasm," which recently completed its seventh season on HBO.

Sources: Variety, The Wire, Hollywood Reporter, WGA, Wikipedia, Museum of Television, HBO, NBC, the Source.


Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge lives."

-James Madison to W.T. Barry,
August 1822

“Nothing could be more irrational than to give the people power and to withhold from them information, without which power is abused. A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives. A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both”
-James Madison

“Democracy can be an effective form of government only to the extent that the public (that rules in theory) is well-informed about national and international events and can think independently and critically about those events. If the vast majority of citizens do not recognize bias…if they cannot detect ideology, slant, and spin; if they cannot recognize propaganda…they cannot reasonably determine what messages have to be supplemented, counter balanced, or thrown out entirely. “
-       How to detect media bias and propaganda by Dr, Richard Paul and Dr. Linda Elder, Center for Critical Thinking (

Do not believe short phases, e-mail slogans or even the ethos of those you look up to. It is best to always seek out opposing views, read opposing reports and ask yourself to keep an open mind on any issue that may impact yourself, your community, your nation or your world.
Too many decisions are made based on hear say or tightly held bias beliefs that may blind the citizen to the facts they need to uncover to make key decisions in any democracy.

Understand your own prejudice, bias and stereotypes, those of your audience and of whomever you are seeking for information. All sources have bias, regardless of how they may present themselves. The very process of selecting which information to show, say, write or present involves making decisions that involve bias, often unintended.

I encourage you to always seek out views that do not fit in with your own and give them a fair hearing. In the end your decision, your thoughts and your actions are still your own.

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First posted 11-16-2009

Chinese cybercrime

National Public Radio reports that Google's threat to leave China makes solid business sense. Cyber attacks on Google are now seen as cyber-theft, with the goal to backward engineer Google's operating systems, internal security and services. This could lead to ways to censor Google involuntarily and to the construction of competing services more in line with the goals, definitions and needs of the Communist government of mainland China (The People's Republic of China). As reported previously on this blog, Google has reason to believe that the Chinese government may be behind the attacks, and if not, they are turning the other way instead of seeking out and prosecuting whomever is doning the cyberwarfare on Google. Marketplace, from American Public Radio, reports that the reality tht Google is willing to turn its back on and walk away from the most potentially lucrative future market in the world speaks volumes about how deep the attacks, censorship and damage done may already have gone.

Google may also fear for their international reputation at protecting data gathered from users and user habits from commercial resale and abuse. Is it possible the Chinese responsible have found a way to break Google's encryptions and protection fire walls?

The Wall Street Journal reports that security holes built into Microsoft Explorer and the Vista Operating system were used by hackers to now only hack into Google, but to make earlier attacks into America's strategic infrastructure. The European Union has advised governments, business and individuals that they stop using Explorer.

Yahoo and other internet search engines and browers have also been targeted. Firefox appears to be immune, experiencing tremendous growth in Europe.

This past year it was revealed that Chinese based hackers had compromised America's electric power infastructure, used office computers to spy on corporate executives, hacked into the Pentagon, forced the White House home site to be taken down temporarily and may be behind systematic slowing of internet services world wide.

The Pentagon revealed that a long secrete office of cyberwarfare exists and appointed high level leadership, adding cyber attacks as a potential theater of terrorism or war.

Yet we invest in China, allow China to invest in the US and continue to allow US manufacturing to relocate to mainland China.

Use the search option in the bar to the right to find additional blog information on Google.

Where does the US Government stand on Internet freedom and Internet security. The official White House statement and video on the subject with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is at this link.