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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unions launch fight against taxing their health insurance


SAG to be asked to join health care debate

One of Holllywood's two major entertainment performers unions, AFTRA, has taken a strong stand on the Senate's proposed tax on "Cadillac" health care plans. The Obama Administration supports the tax, focusing on CEO's and other larger earners. The role of the unions is to convince the president that the tax will harm middle class and lower income workers who are blessed with a union whose foresight built such a plan, knowing that their incomes would not always remain high, to protect workers as they grow older and need insurance more.  There is no official stand from the Screen Actors Guild on the health care plan, although previoius leaders and many on the board support the concept of universal or single payer, neither of which are in the "Obama" plan. The board could choose not to take up the issue.

Meanwhile AFTRA, the AFL-CIO and other individual unions are already strongly lobbying agaist the provision, according the this morning's Los Angeles Times.

Last week and in December this blog reported on AFTRA's stand and actions in the health care debate.