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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yet again an underdog for his own Senate seat

A pollster with a winning record now puts Nevada's senatorial race on the Republican "win" lists, calling Senator Harry Reid the "most vulnerable" Democrat in the US Senate races for this year.  The Las Vegas Sun also reports that three wild cards have yet to be played. First is that the Republican party in the state is very disorganized and underfunded, the second is the size of Reid's war chest and the depth of his, and President Obama's loyal party organization.  Of course the final wild card is simply that a great deal can happen with almost a year remaining before voters cast their ballots.  Consistently both Democratic an Republican bias polls put Reid behind any potential opponent eleven months out from the election.

Reid is a solid campaigner and has been the underdog or in very tight races before. This time there is a strong national media frenzy almost rooting for his defeat, for the headline value of it. In addition, the Republican Party, if it hopes to gain ground in the senate, has to get rid of the Democratic majority leader.

Reid has done a great deal for civil rights, banking reform, held off and may have defeated Nevada becoming the nation's high level nuclear dump, was a key player in saving the City Center project (and with it jobs), a warrior against oranized crime, a champion for rural areas of western states and an moderate in most of his policies and votes. Yet his position as majority leader is a lightning rod for all those who oppose "liberal" Democrats, President Obama, health care reform or, to be honest, Democratic control of the senate.

Will he pull a come from behind victory, or is he a liability for the Democratic party and the nation?

Surf the Internet and you may find some very mean spirited, almost homicidal attacks on Senator Reid, some of them could be bery humourous if they were not so vial,  venimous and full of bad humours.

Raw Recession Numbers

Do these estimates for December tell the real story of this recession?

6.4 unemployed workers available for every position.

Positions  advertising pay an average of 40% lower then previous income of unemployed workers previous jobs.

Nearly one in ten Americans are on unemployment.

Estimates are 27% of work force is under employed.

Total of just short of 37% or close to four out of five Americas are out of work or underemployed (part time, self employed but making less than if employed, unable to work).

A Standard for Bravery

Miep Gies, the lone survivor of the family that hid Anne Frank, has passed away at age 100. Video, commentary and strong statements to how low man can go and how high our moral spirits can rise in adversity are all over the media today, including this from Yahoo News (click here).

Blacks Optimistic in Obama Era

African Americans are optimistic, positive and supportive of the president in far larger percentages then the general population, according to a Pew Trust study reported by National Public Radio today. At the same time only died in the wool white Obama distractors said that the president is paying too much attention to African Americans, fewer than 13% of causasians who responded to the study.