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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Death Penalty Debate

Death penalty or no death penalty? While studies consistently indicate that for many reasons it cost far more to put a prisoner to death than keep them alive serving a life sentence, that even the most horrible murderer can change and be a positive influence in society while serving a life sentence, that there are prisoners who want death when they commit a crime (suicide by murder) and that states without the death penalty have far more successful rehibilitation programs for other prisoners, many Americans still stand behind "an eye for an eye."

The New York Times offers a commentary that this could be changing, in practice if not in codified law.

What are your views on the death sentance?

Did any of the statements made above make you angry, or make you want to label this author a bleeding heart liberal? What specifics do you disagree with? If possible, provide support material to your statement. Post as response below or e-mail to

An Actors Life For Me

Catching up on old friends, including actor, playwright and lyricist Sean Grennan.

Producers give top nods to Sci Fi, Bastards and Precious

PGA film noms announced

The producers Guild of America has put forth its film nominations, reported in The Wrap.  "Avatar". "Up", "Inglouriuos Batards" and "Precioius" head the noms.

The epic science fiction fllms of the year have all been nominated for the producers pick for best picture: "Avatar", "Star Trek" and "District 9". 

For  full list of nominations click here.